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  1. D16Y8 High Comp

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    Hey guys just looking into some better information and tips anyone has for building a High Compression D16Y8, I currently have one in my 2000 EL but I bought another engine and transmission off a friend for $100 (for good reason, it was shit inside) Cylinder 2 and 3 are both egg shaped at the...
  2. ZC/Z6 Mini-me with Bisimoto level 2 cam, idle and pulls.

    Hello, The purpose of this thread is to show everyone who has been searching for how a stock setup with a level 2 cam performs. I myself searched and searched before I did the setup and came up with nothing but millions of guesses. All engines are not 100% identical, but this is...
  3. D16Y8 Plans

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    looking to get some more power out of my D16Y8, im hopefully boosting it next year but if the funds dont come up I want to make it quicker either way. I Currently just have: Exedy Stage 1 clutch Injen SRI 2.25" piping with stock to a cherrybomb exhaust (was free and needed it) I know I.H.E are...
  4. D16y7 cam? non vtec

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    Can come one post a link to a stage 2 or 3 cam that fits a y7(civic non VTEC)? Any price and brand, I'd prefer web or Crower, much appreciated!
  5. D16Z6 - My first build

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    I started this build a few years ago. I have a 1993 delsol and my intention was to rebuild the engine. I really didn't know what I wanted to do to it, but I knew the engine was coming out so I pull it out. I did a complete tear down, right to the bare block. At the time I wasn't into...
  6. D16y8 cam for sale.

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  7. CA d16 high comp build on pump gas how high is too high?

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    Hello dso. I'm trying to stay LEGAL AS POSSIBLE on this build. I want to know how high of compression I can run with 91 pump gas. So far my parts list goes like this... EH2 chassis, d16z6 block, po8 head, with matching tranny. AEM V2, BBK 62mm throttle body, Skunk2 IM, ported head, port...
  8. mini-me swap...what else do I need to know?

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    First time posting, about to start ordering parts for a mini-me swap. I have a '98 d16y7 with cold air intake, decent exhaust system and a few other new oem parts to keep everything running smooth. I am not looking to race or achieve crazy hp, just to have a lively n/a daily driver. I have...
  9. d15 with a6/zc/y8 oem factory upgrades

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    have a d15b7..some ideas -a6 or zc cam and regrind -adjustable cam gear -z6 or y8 or skunk2 intake manifold (b16 throttle body bolts on to this, is that true?) -bbk throttle body 62mm or 70mm -z6 intake and exhaust valves -a6 valve springs -y8 head gasket for a little bump up in compression...
  10. D16Y8 N/A Stock internals build

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    Before i begin going into the details of my current project i will first tell you what i have already done to the car: Before all mods commenced last year the cat was replaced as it was so full of carbon build up the engine wouldnt run. .. please express your simpathy not remarks :( Then...
  11. f/s D series Skunk2 manifold ~ $180 shipped

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    f/s D series Skunk2 manifold ~ $180 shipped / Comptech 2.5" Exhaust $200 Forget it keeping it!
  12. Potential Y7 build

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    ok, so. been doing some lurkin and thinking, and came up with a highly possible build. this would be an n/a non-vtec, and consists of a d16y7 block, a rebuilt y7 head with a stage 1- possibly stage 2- camshaft regrind. d16a6 pistons (pg6? not sure), or perhaps d16a1 pistons (p29's). i think...
  13. ITB's on a d15z6

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    Hey everyone, I'm in the UK and have a honda civic ek3 with a d15z6 (1.5 litre economy vtec) My dad's really into his bikes and i recently found a spare set of suzuki 750 Individual Throttle bodies in the garage. Thought these might do the trick for my induction. thing is my vtec works on revs...
  14. Need help with understanding my head...

    Engine Building
    Hi, i have a d15z6 (yes it's a d15z6, i'm in the UK) I was reading somewhere that someone put a y8 cam into my head and that tuning it to get it working ended up in excellent results. Now to my question... I'm looking into getting a d15b 3 stage vtec, and was wondering if it'd be possible to...
  15. Need quick help with the 'Charcoal Cannister' REALLY UNSURE

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    Hey guys the problem goes like this, Been building a Rally car for a while now, EG Shell with N/A D16Z6 (standard engine) , ive pulled all the brake and fuel lines out to relay them inside the car for obvious reasons. I know what to do with it all part from the fuel line/breather that attatches...
  16. D16Y8 N/A Max Power?

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    I've got a 97 EX D16Y8 w/ S40 tranny that I am thinking of doing a n/a build on. I'm looking for feedback on someone who has already done one and their personal opinions. Don't tell me to go B, no originality. Thanks
  17. What kind of power could that make???

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    I have a D16Z6, and I wanted to ask you guys what kind of power i'd be able to get from that setup: Z6 Head and Block. Zex 59300cam P29 Pistons (oversize) New valvetrain (plus a 3 angle valve job) P&P of head I/h/e Skunk2 Intake manifold Lightened flywheel (Most probably fidenza) Plus a Good...