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  1. I'm a noob and don't know exactly what I have!

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    Okay so I'll tell you guys the whole story... Back in January I bought a 1997 Honda Civic Dx off a man for $1500. Had 141,xxx on the motor, 5 speed, had cheap ass coilovers in it of which I ripped out (couldn't take the slamming) and a "custom" exhaust (more like cut the resonator off and...
  2. noob running un-tuned turbo motor that smokes like crazy!!!!!!

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    hey guys im deff new to the booted single slam game. new to the boost game for that matter... well i have a 95 eg sedan...with a BONE stock d15b7...kinda. i have a jdm sport ( or sport jdm) t3\t4 and it says a\r.50 on it? some kind of ram hor manifold. unknown wastgate with unknown lbs spring...
  3. My 97 Civic HX D16Y8 Swap

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    Hi guys :) my first post woohoo!. I have been wanting to get into these forums for a bit now but been a bit busy. My plans for this ride is certainly going to be turbo. I was told to send the block out to get cast iron sleeves if I really wanted to boost the shit out of it ha ha. Few pics I will...
  4. Please help NEED ADVICE! 94 ej1 Sooo many problems

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    (decided to post this in n00b section) Okay so i bought this ej1 about a year ago an got totally ripped off at the dealership! It was my first car, yes I'm young and dumb -_- After a few months i started noticing the coolant burning fast! Its not the head gasket as the oil is fine, and no white...
  5. Advice? Starting from 0 with a '95 CX Hatchback

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    Hail, Jedis! Since you gurus were nice enough to start a newb forum, I need some very specific counsel, and some general advice too. Right now, I don't have a clue what I'm dealing with. Any kind of advice short of 'stick it' is going to be awesome. We're talking about a stock '95 CX...
  6. Problems uploading photos to D-Series :(

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    Wow guys i can sence this is probably a stupid frikkin question before i ask but im no IT Conoisseur! I made a thread a fair while back showing off my cage in my EG, didnt come on D-Series for quite a while and when i came back on, the photos on my thread were gone, along with photos on my...