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  1. 3 Inch Tunnel Muffler

    General Tech
    Hello, I'm running a 3 inch Mandrel exhaust on my 96 Turbo Civic I have an 18 in Vibrant Resonator and a Magnaflow Muffler for the rear. I'd like to get something that will fit in the tunnel of the EK as well as quiet down the exhaust while being straight through. I don't know the diameter...
  2. Quiet muffler

    General Tech
    Hi i recently bought a kteller exaust pipe kit for my crx (2.5 in) Im looking for a muffler that has the same size inlet pipe but i dont want it to sound ricy. Any sugestions would be great. Thanks
  3. Muffler Bosal for the 3" pipe.

    Forced Induction
    Hello. Tell me please, is there a muffler Bosal for the 3" pipe? :confused:
  4. True stealth exhaust- OEM muffler?

    Naturally Aspirated
    To be perfectly clear, I prefer to listen to my music instead of my exhaust. I had mistakenly thought a vibrant muffler coupled with some resonators would have a low quiet tone, but basically I paid four hundred dollars in parts and labor that left me with the same decibel level and a different...
  5. Gsr Muffler into civic coupe eg

    General Tech
    Hi, I am getting annoyed of my loud flowmasters in my civic. Im getting a lot of attention from the cops, i almost got a ref ticket couple weeks back. So i got a gsr muffler. I want to know if it will bolt RIGHT up into my coupe? or do i have to modify some things