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  1. Forced Induction
    I am wanting to do a high quality turbo build in the future. planning on spending around $3000. Are you guys losing a lot of gas mileage with your setups? I am planning on maybe 250 hp.
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    With $5 fuel looming in our near future, my focus has shifted from more HP to MPG. I am in a 99 DX Hatch with a stock D16 and a slush box. At 154K I recently had a head gasket blow so I had the head decked and valve train re-worked. I have new E3 plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Filters are...
  3. Engine Building
    Ive been thinking lately a little gutted crx with a built n/a engine would be great on gas. I got the Idea after just doing minor mods to my K series and managing 35mpg city/highway and the car weighs 700lbs more then a crx would. Ive come up with a few random questions/thoughts on the issue...
  4. Naturally Aspirated
    I really want to make a mpg daily driver. I was thinking an eg hatch with a d15b 3 stage with a cx/hx tranny in it. Was the d15b 3 stage ever paired with a manual transmission? What all would be necessary for the swap? I want to take advantage of the lean burn and vtec stages. This engine has...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I am planning on doing a gas saver project with a 91' crx and I am trying to figure out the best head, block ,and tranny combo for a d series to get the best mpg/hp/torque ratio possible. Any suggestions? Thanks Aaron
  6. Forced Induction
    I've been reading the treads and many guys claim to have 25-35MPG with there turbo application. I can't undestand how an engine with more air will produce more power and comsumme the same amount of fuel. I'm not interested is huge Hp's, so for you guys with hp's between 160-200, I'm interested...
1-6 of 6 Results