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  1. d15b2 swap to b7

    Engine Building
    So, I am in the middle of building my DD EF sedan, and I'm doing a mpfi and obd1 swap to open up more upgrade routes for further down the road. At the moment I need to figure out the injector wiring. I have a obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper harness, P06 ecu, b7 intake mani and a td41u dizzy. Ive...
  2. E85 question need in site

    New Member Introductions
    Ok have looked and looked but can not answer my question. I've read that running E85 you have to have high compression bigger injectors with a tune I understand that. My question is I have a d15b2 converted to mpfi so now I am not only running 2 more injectors but more fuel at the same time am...
  3. D15b vtec mpfi swap problems helppppp

    General Tech
    Hey fellow dseries members. Im posting bc i have a ed hatch. I swappedcit to mpfi. But only 2 injectors are firing. Now i searched everywhere and found stuff but nothing worked. The problem is the car was mpfi converted before but they left it with resistor box. I bought a converted harness bc...
  4. Ninja650r's first build thread.

    Welp, here it is. A build thread. Figured since I'm doing some major updates to my car in the next month that I should start one. Anyway, my car is a 1990 ED6. Standard model. Hatchback. Red. History time. A long time ago. Somebody owned this car, and the d15 decided it didn't want to run...
  5. A Couple Mpfi Ecus

    For Sale
    I have an auto Pg7 I don't know the year but it is out of 88-89 integra i think. $30 I have a PM8 Its a 90 and its out of a hf california CRX.. $30 here is another pic You can pm me or txt me Prices are a little negotiatable just have to cover shipping at the most...
  6. 89 civic hatch mpfi swap *HELP*

    Engine Building
    Okay this is my first time on this site really need some help. Not ppl telling to search or use google. Im trying to convert my d15b2 from dual point to multi point and heres my list of parts z6 manifold obd0 b18b throttle body d16a6 injectors & dizzy crx si injector resistor box and pm6 of...
  7. 91 drx dx dpfi to 0bd1 problems

    General Tech
    So i have a 91 crx dx that did have a d15b2 in it but i pulled blown motor and installed a d16z6 block with intake manifold from a 92-95 ex. i have full engine harness and p28 from the ex. I also have dpfi to obd1 ecu jumper harness and there is a few plugs and two extra wires running on this...
  8. dpfi to mpfi

    Engine Building
    Will i be loosing gas millage? because i got all the parts ready but just curious.
  9. dpfi to mpfi

    Engine Building
    can i just buy the dpfi to mpfi on ebay? what else would i need because it seems impossible to find si parts like dizzy injectors intake mani and whatever u need? can i just go with the z6 everything then go obd0 to obd1 or is that not worth it. please someone give me a few options without...
  10. Dpfi to mpfi swap D15b7

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 1991 Honda Civic std and id like to get so better performance out of it. The previous owner put installed D15B7 engine and 5spd transmission from a 5th gen DX but, didn't swap to mpfi, leaving the old std dpfi setup and its pm9 ecu. I have reed many dpfi to mpfi swap forums but...
  11. 91 Civic Lx Auto Turbo Build

    Forced Induction
    Its a 91 civic sedax dx auto has 151xxxmi and im turboing it asap unless i can quickly find parts in my area im getting this kit 1992-2000 CIVIC D15/D16 SOHC T3/T4 TO4E TURBO KIT 92-00 : eBay Motors (item 170411661195 end time Feb-22-10 23:39:11 PST) i plan on making it stick whenever i find a...
  12. Distributor problems

    New Member Introductions
    i have a d15b2 and i was going to do a mini me swap but somethings happened and i wasnt able to do it. now i kept the mpfi on there and i have an obd0 to obd1 conversion harness on my d15 but i dont know what distributor to put on because i cant put the stock one because its obd0. i tried a...
  13. Dpfi to mpfi ?'s

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought a 89 sedan dx, I want to swap to mpfi. it is a manual. so I have: - Si ECU(PM6 for manual transmission) - Resistor Box(91 Si) w/plug - Si fuel line from filter to fuel rail - Si throttle cable - U shaped coolant hose my questions are.. 1-will a 93 injectors work? I have...
  14. Need some strate anserws!!

    Engine Building
    ok i searched old threads but cant find strate anserws.what i need to know what all will i need to do the dpfi to mpfi swap on my 90'civic std i know i need to get the manny,wiring harness,pm6 ecu,cam,cam gear,fuel rail,injectors,and resistor box,and i think thats all but what i want to know is...
  15. Mpfi problem

    General Tech
    hey guys im a newby so bear with me. i just did a mpfi conversion on my d15b1 motor. im using a skunk2 intake manifold, pm6 ecu, fuel resistor box off an 91 si civic, and an obd0 ls dizzy. i know im supposed to use the si one, but my brother said itll run with the ls one. i got the car to start...
  16. Mini me

    Naturally Aspirated
    this is my first post iv been searching this site and cant find what i need to know so i figured id ask i have a 90 dx crx that im planing on converting to mpfi and puttin on a z6 head my ? is do i have to switch to obd1 or is there another dizzy i can use with an crx si ecu and a vtec...
  17. y8 mani- automatic or manual?

    Engine Building
    hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could point out any pictures showing the difference from the manual and auto intake manifold off a d16y8. I would greatly appreciate it.