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  1. General Tech
    In need of a honda guru !! 91 civic was dpfi now mpfi with a obd0- obd1 jumper harness and dizzy jumpers Has a d15b8 running po5 ecu My fuel pump will no longer prime just stoped priming drove the car 2 twice I have 2 ecu's now same problem If I put the stock pr4 it will prime no problem I have...
  2. 20191003_203805.jpg

    Hybrid non vtec build. D15b2 block, complete d16a6 top end, adjustable cam gear, full stainless exhaust 2.25in, complete rebuild, dpfi to mpfi conversion, complete wire tuck, all new accessories belts and bearings. Economy but with a bit of attitude.
  3. New Member Introductions
    wassup, new to the forum! thought id join a group of honda lovers since most of my friends are mustang fanboys lol. Anyways, my C.E.L. is on because my TPS is bad i guess. I was looking around and i read that i'd have to replace my whole carburetor itself. I was wondering, is this true? If it...
  4. Naturally Aspirated
    Hi all, hoping someone here might be able to help with this. Disclaimer: I know a manual is better, I wish I could have one, as I really miss my old one. Car is also used by a family member who is physically incapable of operating a manual, the whole reason I bought this auto in the first...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey All, I am new to the site and this is my first post. I got on here to get some much needed info... just like a lot of others I'm sure. Ok, I just purchased an 89 civic hatch BASE model. D15b1 and 4 speed granny tranny. I want to do a little bit to the motor but not get crazy with it. I...
  6. Forced Induction
    I'm going to boost my motor when I get my taxes I got the motor from a friend it has blown rings but I'm getting a kit with rods pistons and rings but my q is some advise on if I need to get a bigger fuel pump and what injectors to use I'm using the ecu from an si and im converting my car from...
1-6 of 7 Results