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  1. General Tech
    i found this part in my closet, and to me it seems to be some type of radiator support bracket maybe ? i searched all over google pictures and stuff and still can't find a picture of where it goes on a crx exactly ? can anyone tell me where this part goes ? its #27 in the diagram
  2. Engine Building
    Hope this is the right sub forum catagory... I have used google, can't find this thing, CRX community and D series still cant find it. I have a bracket to an engine mount that snapped its bolt hole, need a new one, but I have no idea what it is from. THe engine/tranny in the CRX is not the...
  3. Want to Buy
    I need following stuff 1. B16/B18/H22 60mm throttebody with Fitv 2. EG sedan fogs with wires and switch 3. D16 Manual rear mount, without t-bracket 4. EG sedan/coupe red/smoke tail lights wit wire harness looking for used items...
  4. General Tech
    I'm dropping a built & boosted D16Y8 (~250-300whp) into a 95 EG chassis. It will be a DD, keeping in mind the future of track/auto-x/whatever is fun but sanctioned. I just bought an innovative motor mount kit (60a) and in the spirit of being thorough, want to replace the front stabilizer mounts...
  5. Want to Buy
    I am looking for the front bracket and mount for a 96-98 5spd tranny. also possibly the brackets that connect the transmission to the engine
  6. Transmission alley
    I am having a little trouble with my transmission, mainly popping out of 3rd gear. I know I can feel the motor bounce around like I might need a mount. It only does it every once and a while and its only right when I put it in 3rd. Once I let off the clutch its fine. Every now and again it will...
1-6 of 6 Results