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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys! I've got my car in decent running order. I need to make some changes on how it sticks to the ground. I've been looking at some lowering springs that will provide a performance feel while still being semi comfortable. I found 2" Lowering springs with skunk2. Spring rates as...
  2. Engine Building
    i just joined and need some knowledge if i can use the motor and tranny mount out of my totaled ej i know i can use the b7 intake, tb, dizy, and injectors to swap just need to now know about the motor mounts i plan on ripping out the y7 tomorrow and maybe seeing if they all line up or not...
  3. General Tech
    Can anyone give me some advice on where to get Polly mounts. I've looked on the net and keep find b swap mounts. I have 89 civic si with a d16a6 that I want to build up.
  4. General Tech
    Hey guys I was referred by Koots from another forum, he said this was the place to be for good civic info. So I bought my ek recently and it already has a jdm b18c with a type r head, but I guess they didnt use the correct motor mounts because the driver side one broke... did some googleing and...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey new to posting in DSO but i've read and searched through a ton of threads already here, long story short i'm a hs senior and am in the process of boosting my 4dr eg and I have all of my parts together just waiting for the block to get bored and honed(will be getting that back tomorrow). The...
1-5 of 5 Results