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  1. d16z6 missfire

    Engine Management
    hey i have a 97 civic with a d16z6 swap..i have a bad missifire i dont know where it its coming from the only cel i have is crankshaft sensor ive changed the spark plugs wires,dizzy and still nothing i never had this problem with a swap plz help thanks ...
  2. d16z6 rebuild problem

    Engine Building
    So I recently rebuilt my z6 in my eg. I reamed and honed cylinders. New piston rings rod bearing and main bearings. One rod was bent so I replaced it. Also valves were bent so I replaced them and seated them. Polished the crank. Ive got all new seals and replaced the clutch set. Everything is...
  3. Need help and thoughts on my problem

    Forced Induction
    OK the problem is when i first start my car (cold) it doesnt want to stay running it will just idle for 3-5 secs then die i can keep it running and once it gets a little warm it stays running and idles fine sounds like its missing slightly only when cold does it do that when its all the way warm...
  4. jdm d15b missfire and tanabi muffler

    General Tech
    Hey guys I have a 92 hatch with a jdm d15b running on a p08 and it has a misfire it usually does it as I'm going up in speed slowly when I hit around 1500-1800 rpms the car starts misfiring and I have to give it more gas and then it goes away until I hit those rpms again , can anyone help me...