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  1. Misfire on one cylinder.

    General Tech
    So I finally got my car running after the fuel pump went out. It's been sitting since late April. I cranked the car and within a few seconds it developed a misfire. I found that the cylinder closest to the timing belt made no change in idle when I pulled the plug wire from the plug. I changed...
  2. D16y8 throttle hesitation/misfire low rpm

    General Tech
    Hey guys quick question. I've been noticing something odd for a couple months now. When my pull out normal between 1100-2600 range rougly my car will bog in a way then in a flash just gain its normal torque i assume while steady 1/4 throttle. After 3 grand it seems to run fine. It wont do it...
  3. D15b7 misfire

    Engine Management
    I have a 94 Civic DX with the d15b7 motor. I've been battling a misfire for a few days now and can't seem to get it to go away. I have done TONS of research across many forums and have tried everything I have seen. So far nothing has fixed it. I'm in need of help now. I have changed/checked all...
  4. after swap car misfires very badly

    General Tech
    ok so i have a 96 civic coupe and just did a d16z6 swap in it with an obd1 jumper on a virgin p28...the car starts and runs great when its cold but as soon as it warms up it misfires from 1 to 3500 rpms and then seems to run better after getting past 3500...i have changed spark plugs,wires,and...
  5. d15b misfire!!!

    General Tech
    ok guys so i finally got my jdm d15b running good no cel. but!!!! now i have a misfire with no cel :/ sucks asss but anyways it only does it when its in low rpms... if im on first gear if i start of slow as the rpms go up when i approach 1.5k i can feel the misfire it keep going up till 2k and...