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  1. Honda civic mk7 minime project

    7th Gen
    Hi guys. I am looking forward to do a minime on my stock honda civic eu1(normal version of ep3) this car has a d15y3 non vtec engine. I want to convert it to vtec. I have 2 options: 1. Use only the cylinder head of d15b 3 stage vtec with stock head cover(without spark plug distributer) and stock...
  2. d15b7 block d16y8 head

    In April I bought a 95 civic dx coupe. The little car is in great shape. But it is time to replace the timing belt, water pump and belt tensioner. I have a d16y8 head that I just had cleaned up with new seals. So I am going to use that head on my d15b7 block. I had done this swap on a d15b2...
  3. advice! d15b7 w/ d16z6 mini me swap. what I NEED for turbo.

    New Member Introductions
    Im very new to the civic driving scene, I just got my first car, a 1994 Honda Civic Dx coupe, I know i want to keep it different and build a d=series motor for a turbo but it seems very complicated, what set up do i need on my d motor for a powerful turbo ? i just got the p28 ecu and the vtec...
  4. now im just straight confused

    New Member Introductions
    after doing extensive research on d series and hondatech, im in the middle of my minime build, d15b7 block with a y8 head with y8 manifold, so ive been reading and reading before I built it, so today as I put the head on and go on about switch the y8 camgear for the b7 camgear, I decided to...
  5. D15/Y8 Mini-Me! Won't Start

    Engine Building
    OK, i've found bits and pieces to what COULD be my problem. But I'm still having trouble. I have a 97 EX running the stock P2P ECU, I had the Y8 but a rod bearing spun, I swapped the bottom end of a d15b7 Used Y8 oil pump With the crank sensor Y8 Crank gear I have a B7 and Y8 Cam Gear-Which One...
  6. D16Z6 head on D16A6, newbie needs help

    Engine Building
    So I'm in the process of getting the D16Z6 head I found reworked by a local shop of some repute, just wondering if I can get some advice. Here's what I'm going off so far: D16A6 to D16Z6 Conversion..."Mini-Me" So far I have: D16Z6 head (soon to be reworked/ possibly new cam) D16Z6 valve...
  7. MAP questions - d16y8

    Engine Management
    1989 honda ef hatch, swapped in d16y8, turbo, p28,crome, etc.. i have a few problems but for now, "i have a the old style map sensor on the firewall getting vaccum straight for intake manifold. can i wire in a newer style map sensor ???" i have a bigger throttle body with the map sensor port, it...
  8. Best cam upgrade for a6/y8 mini me?

    Naturally Aspirated
    I have an a6/y8 mini me swap in my 89 hatch and want to get a bigger cam, but don't want one so big that will hit the pistons. If anyone has done this, has any input or suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks! Setup: Mild port Lightly shaved y8 head Ported y8 im to match 62mm tb Aem cold air...
  9. 97 EX Y8 swap in 98 y7 vtec ecu/wiring

    Engine Management
    Have a 1998 Honda Civic LX that came with the D16y7, swapped it for a D16y8 vtec, kept stock y7 wiring harness. Intake and everything else is from the y8 except for the exsaust which is y7. Car is an auto. I'm confused about all the OBD I , II , IIa/b stuff. Is the 98 Civic LX y7 going to be...
  10. Which cat should I be using?

    Naturally Aspirated
    I'm going to start up a D16Y7/Y8 MiniMe build. I'm currently running a D15B8 (95 Hatch) with a DC Sports 4-2-1 header and a Tanabe catback...test pipe in between the two. Right now my car makes a lot of noise. Even though I've installed sound deadening material it drowns out my stereo, people...
  11. Can you lend some expertise on my setup

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi guys, I don't really expect too many response's just yet as i'm going throught the sticky on how to improve gas mileage as we speak, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. As you may have read before, this thread was initially on how to get better acceleration out of my 4 door eg...
  12. d15b jdm map

    Engine Management
    Hi , i need a map for my minime built ( d15b2 block - z06 head - vtec converted P06 ecu ) d15b jdm must be the best ignition/fuel map , same displacement & head Nobody have this stock P08 .bin ? Or an tuned map for this setup ? Thank you