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  1. b7/z6 mini me p29 pistons

    General Tech
    hey i know “the search is your friend” and i’ve been searching all over here, honda-tech, and everywhere else. i made an account just to ask this. doing a d15b7/d16z6 mini me, y8 cam gear and head gasket, stock p28 ecu. i’m considering p29 pistons, but i have no idea if that would work on stock...
  2. d16a6 mini me build question/intro

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys, new to this forum. Got an 89 dx hatch, currently just a d15 but im getting a z6 head built by rocket motorsports and am picking up an a6 longblock this weekend, planning on squeezing 140ish na out of it (used to be driving a 91 hatch with 98 spec itr motor so i need a little more than...
  3. D15Y8 mini me tuning

    New Member Introductions
    hi all, new to the org, wish i knew about things like this back in the times... lol i picked up an eg hatch (ik the nostalgia!) for a decent price, mini me engine. i've built and worked on these before as a kid, thats not the real issue. tuning, things have changed in over a decade or so ago...
  4. TD80U distributor on my mpfi swap

    General Tech
    I'm working on a Dpfi to mpfi swap. I had everything on hand but the dizzy. I have an obd2 dizzy from a d16y7 I bought for another project a few years back. I plan on swapping a d16y8 head and converting to obd1 in a couple months so I don't want to spend any more money than I have to. Can I use...
  5. Just Joined Quick Question: Mini Me?

    New Member Introductions
    So I have a 99 dx hatch with the stock y7 and a automatic transmission. Locally there is a rebuilt y8 for sale with headbolts, valve cover, and the vtec solenoid. I'm low on cash right now, could I swap the head right on? I know I need a new ecu to wire vtec, and that a new intake mani is...
  6. D14A3 Civic EJ9 from Ukraine - mini me will be, now 114 p.s.

    Hi to all d-series enthusiasts. My name is Volodymyr, I live in Ukraine, selling tuning parts in my country. I`m a long time Honda fan. Now I ride on Civic EJ9 1997 year with D14A3 engine. It has 75 horse power in stock. I make some engine rebuild with PM7 pistons, put AEM intake, ebay exhaust...
  7. d15b2 TPS/Carburetor help?

    New Member Introductions
    wassup, new to the forum! thought id join a group of honda lovers since most of my friends are mustang fanboys lol. Anyways, my C.E.L. is on because my TPS is bad i guess. I was looking around and i read that i'd have to replace my whole carburetor itself. I was wondering, is this true? If it...
  8. Mini me timing problems

    Engine Building
    Hello i got a d15b1 block with a d16z6 head. I dont have the head cover so i dont know how to timing that a have ajustable sproker and a original sprocker
  9. y7 block z6 head *help*

    Engine Building
    Hey guys,a goodd friend of mine is giving me his z6 head and everything else z6 related; so I can put it on my y7 block. He's also giving me his wire harness and an ecu. Oh Yeah And I Have A 96 Civic Hatch. I know I need the obd2-to-obd1 jumper harness but what else do I need? I've found some...
  10. D15B1 Z6 mini-me swap

    Engine Building
    I have a 89 CRX that I am swapping. everything is bolted up right. I kept the old intake manifold so that I didn't have to convert it over to MPFI. I had to do some wiring to get the z6 dizzy to connect. But it still wont start, is there a way to get the old dizzy to bolt on? PLEASE HELP!
  11. y8/z6 mini me choice

    New Member Introductions
    I plan on doing a mini me swap on my 97 ej6, I got the stock y7 block and am trying to figure out if I should go y8 head or z6. Would appreciate some insight on the differences and opinions. I plan on getting it turbo'd later but thats after I get the rest of the car done. Thanks for the help.
  12. Mini-me swap wont rev past 4100k!!!

    General Tech
    Hey everyone, I recently swapped a z6 head onto my a6 block. It also has a comp zex cam with adjustable cam gear (if that matters). I converted it to obd1 with a p28 ecu and a four wire o2 sensor, and as far as I can tell all the wiring is fine. Anyway, I just finished the swap and the car runs...
  13. 99 D16y7 Mini-Me questions.

    Engine Building
    Hey guys. I picked up a 99 LX about 9 months ago and have just gotten tired of having no get up and go lol, I'm definitely on a budget so i'v been reading a lot on cheap mods. I work at a bodyshop and recently we a 1998 ex total loss come in. I was able to grab the motor, tranny, p2p ecu, wiring...
  14. D16A6/y8 mini me TIMING

    General Tech
    Grab a paper bag breath into it and calm your ass down, this has been discussed before I KNOW but were gonna discuss it again. So dont tell me to "read more" If i stare at this screen any longer looking for the RIGHT way to do it ill explode... all these idiots editing fuel ratios, running...
  15. Head bolt/stud ideas? d16a6 y8 mini

    Engine Building
    head bolts, mini me, im attaching my freshly Rebuilt d16a6 to my y8 vtec head. Im lost figuring Which head bolt/head stud kit to use. Ive heard you Use z6 all around and 1 y8 bolt in the corner near Your vtec, you get these from the lighting motor sports Mix-n-match kit? Any links? I dont want...
  16. d16y7 to d16z6 mini me build questions

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, Im new to hondas, so forgive me if this has been covered a million times. I would like to put a z6 head on my y7 engine. I've seen a number of write ups to go from a y7 to y8, but have not had much luck from a y7 to a z6. . . ive got a 97 dx (d16y7) I've found a z6 head, intake, and...
  17. mini me motor smoking

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Joey, and I am a noob. I recently acquired a 91 ef hatch at what I thought was a good deal. But after money was exchanged I found the motor smokes. It only smokes when I get on the motor or high rpms. Its a light blue smoke, from what I have read and Honda people I have talked to that...
  18. Boost Mini Me

    Forced Induction
    Alright, I'm looking to boost my mini me set up I'am about to complete on my y7 block here in a few days. My goal is anywhere from 200-250hp on stock internals. Later on I will upgrade the internals to stuff like vitara pistons and eagle rods but for now I need to know anything else recommended...
  19. Y7/Z6 Mini Me. Idle Problems,Please Help.

    Engine Building
    Y7 Block (obd2a) -Stock Pistons,Rings -new y7 water pump -new y8 Metal Headgasket -New tensioner -New Oil Pan,Gasket -New Alternator Belt -New obd2 Alternator -New z6 Timing Belt -Aftmkt. Crank Pulley. P.s,A.c Delete Z6 Head (obd1) -Stock Cam -z6 intake mani w. new thermal gasket -New z6...
  20. timing belt information/ mini me clarification

    General Tech
    Ok so this should remove some of the miss information about timing belts tensioners and water pumps. and the how too choose the right belt, tensioner, water pump, timing belt combo head heights b7/a6 95mm D14a2 95mm D16y3 95mm d16z6 93mm D16y7 93mm D16y8 93mm D16y5 93mm...