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  1. 1998 EJ6 Mini-Me build Y8 or D6 Head!?!?

    Engine Building
    Since high school I’ve always wanted a little Honda since most my friends had 90s era Hondas growing up. I’ve driven quite a few from ef with sohc vtec to a GSR dohc vtec. I had some extra cash and decided I wanted a little project car and found something for a great price. I picked up a 98...
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  3. d15b7 vitara mini me vs d16a6 vitara minime

    General Tech
    i’ve heard that the jdm d15b is better for boost because of better r/s ratio. i’ve done some research on r/s ratios but i don’t quite understand it. would there be any advantages to building a d15b7 minime with vitaras for boost over a d16a6 vitara mini me, because of the rod ratio, and would...
  4. b7/z6 mini me p29 pistons

    General Tech
    hey i know “the search is your friend” and i’ve been searching all over here, honda-tech, and everywhere else. i made an account just to ask this. doing a d15b7/d16z6 mini me, y8 cam gear and head gasket, stock p28 ecu. i’m considering p29 pistons, but i have no idea if that would work on stock...
  5. d16a6 mini me build question/intro

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys, new to this forum. Got an 89 dx hatch, currently just a d15 but im getting a z6 head built by rocket motorsports and am picking up an a6 longblock this weekend, planning on squeezing 140ish na out of it (used to be driving a 91 hatch with 98 spec itr motor so i need a little more than...
  6. D15Y8 mini me tuning

    New Member Introductions
    hi all, new to the org, wish i knew about things like this back in the times... lol i picked up an eg hatch (ik the nostalgia!) for a decent price, mini me engine. i've built and worked on these before as a kid, thats not the real issue. tuning, things have changed in over a decade or so ago...
  7. TD80U distributor on my mpfi swap

    General Tech
    I'm working on a Dpfi to mpfi swap. I had everything on hand but the dizzy. I have an obd2 dizzy from a d16y7 I bought for another project a few years back. I plan on swapping a d16y8 head and converting to obd1 in a couple months so I don't want to spend any more money than I have to. Can I use...
  8. Just Joined Quick Question: Mini Me?

    New Member Introductions
    So I have a 99 dx hatch with the stock y7 and a automatic transmission. Locally there is a rebuilt y8 for sale with headbolts, valve cover, and the vtec solenoid. I'm low on cash right now, could I swap the head right on? I know I need a new ecu to wire vtec, and that a new intake mani is...
  9. D14A3 Civic EJ9 from Ukraine - mini me will be, now 114 p.s.

    Hi to all d-series enthusiasts. My name is Volodymyr, I live in Ukraine, selling tuning parts in my country. I`m a long time Honda fan. Now I ride on Civic EJ9 1997 year with D14A3 engine. It has 75 horse power in stock. I make some engine rebuild with PM7 pistons, put AEM intake, ebay exhaust...
  10. d15b2 TPS/Carburetor help?

    New Member Introductions
    wassup, new to the forum! thought id join a group of honda lovers since most of my friends are mustang fanboys lol. Anyways, my C.E.L. is on because my TPS is bad i guess. I was looking around and i read that i'd have to replace my whole carburetor itself. I was wondering, is this true? If it...
  11. Mini me timing problems

    Engine Building
    Hello i got a d15b1 block with a d16z6 head. I dont have the head cover so i dont know how to timing that a have ajustable sproker and a original sprocker
  12. y7 block z6 head *help*

    Engine Building
    Hey guys,a goodd friend of mine is giving me his z6 head and everything else z6 related; so I can put it on my y7 block. He's also giving me his wire harness and an ecu. Oh Yeah And I Have A 96 Civic Hatch. I know I need the obd2-to-obd1 jumper harness but what else do I need? I've found some...
  13. D15B1 Z6 mini-me swap

    Engine Building
    I have a 89 CRX that I am swapping. everything is bolted up right. I kept the old intake manifold so that I didn't have to convert it over to MPFI. I had to do some wiring to get the z6 dizzy to connect. But it still wont start, is there a way to get the old dizzy to bolt on? PLEASE HELP!
  14. y8/z6 mini me choice

    New Member Introductions
    I plan on doing a mini me swap on my 97 ej6, I got the stock y7 block and am trying to figure out if I should go y8 head or z6. Would appreciate some insight on the differences and opinions. I plan on getting it turbo'd later but thats after I get the rest of the car done. Thanks for the help.
  15. Mini-me swap wont rev past 4100k!!!

    General Tech
    Hey everyone, I recently swapped a z6 head onto my a6 block. It also has a comp zex cam with adjustable cam gear (if that matters). I converted it to obd1 with a p28 ecu and a four wire o2 sensor, and as far as I can tell all the wiring is fine. Anyway, I just finished the swap and the car runs...
  16. 99 D16y7 Mini-Me questions.

    Engine Building
    Hey guys. I picked up a 99 LX about 9 months ago and have just gotten tired of having no get up and go lol, I'm definitely on a budget so i'v been reading a lot on cheap mods. I work at a bodyshop and recently we a 1998 ex total loss come in. I was able to grab the motor, tranny, p2p ecu, wiring...
  17. D16A6/y8 mini me TIMING

    General Tech
    Grab a paper bag breath into it and calm your ass down, this has been discussed before I KNOW but were gonna discuss it again. So dont tell me to "read more" If i stare at this screen any longer looking for the RIGHT way to do it ill explode... all these idiots editing fuel ratios, running...
  18. Head bolt/stud ideas? d16a6 y8 mini

    Engine Building
    head bolts, mini me, im attaching my freshly Rebuilt d16a6 to my y8 vtec head. Im lost figuring Which head bolt/head stud kit to use. Ive heard you Use z6 all around and 1 y8 bolt in the corner near Your vtec, you get these from the lighting motor sports Mix-n-match kit? Any links? I dont want...
  19. d16y7 to d16z6 mini me build questions

    Engine Building
    Hey guys, Im new to hondas, so forgive me if this has been covered a million times. I would like to put a z6 head on my y7 engine. I've seen a number of write ups to go from a y7 to y8, but have not had much luck from a y7 to a z6. . . ive got a 97 dx (d16y7) I've found a z6 head, intake, and...
  20. mini me motor smoking

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Joey, and I am a noob. I recently acquired a 91 ef hatch at what I thought was a good deal. But after money was exchanged I found the motor smokes. It only smokes when I get on the motor or high rpms. Its a light blue smoke, from what I have read and Honda people I have talked to that...