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mini me swap

  1. Mini me help! D16z6 head on d15b8 block

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    So... My last post wasnt very clear. I have a entire d16z6 in my delsol. I just bought a B8 block with pm3 pistons. 16v z6 head with the 16v B8 block. I removed the oil jet port. Will I need to use the z6 oil jet sensor or can I use the b8? What head gasket should I use? Someone on my last...
  2. D15B 3 Stage Mini Me

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    Hey yall, I am currently planning to build a d15b 3 stage head off of a d16y7 block. The thing is, I don't currently have the money to purchase a p08 ecu or hondata. I was wondering if I could just run the car as is, with the new head with the vtec solenoid disconnected. The compression ratio of...
  3. Mini-me swap.. confused.

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    I know there are numerous posts/guides/info and what not on this subject, but I haven't found any simple solid instruction that is specific to my situation.. or maybe i have and just can't wrap my mind around it so here it goes... I have an unmolested 89 crx si, did a compression test, and...
  4. Coolant reservoir black sticky substance in it

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    Hey everyone I have a 95 civic dx coupe with a D15B7. I performed a mini me swap on my car about 2years ago. Put a D16Z6 Head on the block. Well when i did the head swap I only had one alignment pin for the head and only have one car to get around so I put the head on with just the one alignment...
  5. z6 head advice

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    hey guys i am new to the d series forum, but i am no noob to d engines.... i picked up a "newish" head off of ebay. guy is doing a swap and parting out his z6 i picked up his "rebuilt 10,000 miles ago head" , dizzy and wires for only 140 bucks he says no smoke, no oil consumption or problems for...
  6. obd0 to obd1

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    im doing a coversion on my 91 civic si from obd0 to obd1. i need a p28 pinot diagram. i need to hook up the ytec and the 4 wire o2. i have everything just not sure where the wires for both of those items come out of the ecu. please help me. i have found some diagrams but they are all for integra...
  7. swap a y8 or z6 vtec head on a zc?

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    hey, im new to this. im planning to swap on a vtec head on my zc. y8 or z6 head? im just not so sure what i need to complete it, i think my ecu is a pr3 (most likely). does it need to be chipped? and what about the harness? sorry for asking so many q's but since i don't have the budget for a b...
  8. Help with a mini me swap please?

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    I have a 94 Honda civic Ej1 i plan on keeping my D series due to the fact they are cheap and last long + great gas milage!!! I had a d15b vtec but it sucked water in and we blew it heres whats happening im using my d15b vtec head on a NON vtec d15b7 block Heres what i have D15b7...
  9. d16y7 to d16y8 swap

    General Tech
    hi evryone. i just recently did a d series swap from a y7 to y8 i did the full swap with the wiring harness and ecu. so my 96 ek is vtec now. but theres a problem my speed sensor, rpm and vtec isnt workng. im pretty sure its a wiring issue. and theres a fuse that keeps popping everytime i start...
  10. D16Y7 Mini Me Swap

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  11. D15B7 with D16Z6 head?

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    Just like the title says, is it possible to slap a d16z6 head on a d15b7 block? All I want out of this mini swap is vtec and I have a d16z6 head with skunk 2 pro intake mani. My main concern, WILL THIS WORK? I don't want to buy anything to build this head up yet if I don't know if it will even...
  12. First head swap y8 head on y7 block

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    I recently bought a 97 civic dx, the guy gave me a y8 head, a z6 intake manifold and the ecu from a 98 civic ex. I was hoping I could get a tutorial on how to wire it and if this would even work together. I know next to nothing about cars, and I would like to start getting to know them better...
  13. stay d15b7 or d15 with z6 head

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    Ok so I've done a lot of research on staying N/A with my d15b7. So what I had planned was a 272 delta cam,head milled to 0.070,and I already have all the other bolt ons that everyone has. So then I heard that gas mileage will suffer because of the high compression and the cam so I didn't like...
  14. A1 to A2 swap - check engine light

    7th Gen
    I just did a head swap from an A1 to an A2 from an 02 EX. Everything sounds fine but the check engine light came on immediately at start. I dont yet have the EGR or VTEC solenoid wired up. I still have the A1 ECU in and wont get the A2 ECU in until tommorow. Could the cam sensor be throwing...
  15. d14a3 build?

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    i have heard that you can fit a d16 head on the d14 block? is there any truth to this i am pretty new to hondas and well im lost need some help.... if the d16 head will not fit whats a good mini me swap i can do? i would like to put a vtec head on!!!
  16. Mini me Swap Help!!!!!!

    General Tech
    okay Im planning to do a mini swap Ive got an auto tranny (I really want a 5 speed but the auto will do for now) Im using the write up as a guide Im going to be using a p2p ECU for AT I keep hearing you have to wire in a knock sensor how do you do that? will having an auto...