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  1. Transmission alley
    I have been doing some research and am hoping to build an L3 (cable) tranny with a 4.7 FD and 1.565 3rd gear. I came across a third gear set on Amazon - the brand is "Eurotek" which I had not heard of. Does anyone have any feedback on these...
  2. Showcase
    Platform: 1994 4 Door EX Sedan | D16Z6 with S20 Transmission | 120 WHP Mustang Dyno Tuned and Crome chipped | I/H/E | (Hoping for 200WHP Turbo Someday) Goal: MFactory 3/5 And Helical LSD. (Original 3rd gear flipped and used as 4th) Since this is an expensive goal for me, I have decided to take...
  3. Showcase
    This is from a customers turn key build. I apologize for the lack of pictures, I lost of 3/4 of the pictures taken during this project due to a theft. D16A1 block and head 75.5 x 90 custom CP Pistons Scat rods ACL bearings ARP headstuds Cometic .028" headgasket Canton 5.5qt oil pan 1980's huge...
  4. 7th Gen
    No more retrofitting the Fit/L series LSD. The MFactory D17 helical LSD is now available. Fits all 2001-2005 D17 manual transmissions. PM, email, or call to order.
  5. Transmission alley
    Okay so after looking through a bunch of B/D series OEM gearing specs I've come to the conclusion even a Y8/Z6 transmission will only offer gearing similar to a B18B.... D16Z6 (EX) B18B1 (LS) 1st-----3.250 1st-----3.230 2nd-----1.900...
  6. For Sale
    MFactory LSD for EX Tranny - SOLD! Sold! Thank you all very much for your interest.
  7. Transmission alley
    Forgive me for posting this in here mods, I wanted it to have more exposure given the limited timeframe and the fact that not everyone views the sponsor forums. This sale will end on 8-17-12 at 11:59PM EDT. Open to all DSO members regardless of join date. A. MFactory helical LSD (any...
  8. Transmission alley
    I need to read the rules
  9. Transmission alley
    Last year I installed my old SRR FD into a Z6 trans I had already rebuilt and had listed for sale. This went to sick1camcivic for his turbo monster. Less than 200 miles on the trans and it broke at the strip. I figured it was the FD but he couldn't get an axle out. I picked up it from him...
  10. Transmission alley
    The MFactory D Series 35mm Helical LSD is now available for Pre-Order exclusively through Whoopee Doo Racing. For cable and hydro small bearing transmissions (STD, DX, CX, LX, VX, HF). Pre-Order price is $599.95 and includes shipping within the US 48 states. For more info, see the 35mm LSD...
1-10 of 27 Results