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  1. Aftermarket Gears 3rd & FD

    Transmission alley
    I have been doing some research and am hoping to build an L3 (cable) tranny with a 4.7 FD and 1.565 3rd gear. I came across a third gear set on Amazon - the brand is "Eurotek" which I had not heard of. Does anyone have any feedback on these...
  2. S20 Transmission Build Thread

    Platform: 1994 4 Door EX Sedan | D16Z6 with S20 Transmission | 120 WHP Mustang Dyno Tuned and Crome chipped | I/H/E | (Hoping for 200WHP Turbo Someday) Goal: MFactory 3/5 And Helical LSD. (Original 3rd gear flipped and used as 4th) Since this is an expensive goal for me, I have decided to take...
  3. Whoopee Doo Racing: D16A1 with a SOHC transmission

    This is from a customers turn key build. I apologize for the lack of pictures, I lost of 3/4 of the pictures taken during this project due to a theft. D16A1 block and head 75.5 x 90 custom CP Pistons Scat rods ACL bearings ARP headstuds Cometic .028" headgasket Canton 5.5qt oil pan 1980's huge...
  4. MFactory helical LSD now available!

    7th Gen
    No more retrofitting the Fit/L series LSD. The MFactory D17 helical LSD is now available. Fits all 2001-2005 D17 manual transmissions. PM, email, or call to order.
  5. Alter gearing in current tranny vs EX/Si

    Transmission alley
    Okay so after looking through a bunch of B/D series OEM gearing specs I've come to the conclusion even a Y8/Z6 transmission will only offer gearing similar to a B18B.... D16Z6 (EX) B18B1 (LS) 1st-----3.250 1st-----3.230 2nd-----1.900...
  6. NEW, NEVER USED MFactory LSD for EX Tranny (40mm) with both NEW BEARINGS!

    For Sale
    MFactory LSD for EX Tranny - SOLD! Sold! Thank you all very much for your interest.
  7. Gauging demand, MFactory DOHC ZC 3/4 gears.

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    I will only have MFactory make these once there is enough actual demand. This means I need 10 partially refundable 50% deposits. 3rd and 4th gears for 92+ fitment. Straight-cut gear teeth. Ratios will be close to 1.346 3rd, 1.033 4th. Power rating will be between 400-500whp. Final ratios...
  8. MFactory helical LSD 5-10% off today and tomorrow only!

    Transmission alley
    Forgive me for posting this in here mods, I wanted it to have more exposure given the limited timeframe and the fact that not everyone views the sponsor forums. This sale will end on 8-17-12 at 11:59PM EDT. Open to all DSO members regardless of join date. A. MFactory helical LSD (any...
  9. MFactory Oil Cooler Kits now available again!

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    -High-efficiency 19-Row design outperforms similarly priced coolers on the market -Incorporates a filter relocation kit, permitting the filter to be placed in a location of your choice -Stainless-braided hoses with -10AN couplings to ensure the hoses are reliably secured -2 x 1/8 NPT sensor...
  10. SEMA and 5% off!

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    I'll be out of town for the SEMA Show from the 31st until the 7th. If you need to get in touch with me during that time, please email me at [email protected] I'll be checking my emails throughout the time that I'm gone. Orders won't be shipped until I return. If you'll be at the...
  11. nada

    Transmission alley
    I need to read the rules
  12. MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    Now available for the 92-00 D series! Put more power to the ground with the MFactory Stage 1 Racing Axles, designed specifically for the high performance Road/Race market and conservatively rated to 450whp. -Made from 100% Pure Australian Steel -Axle Shafts & 10% larger 6-Ball CV Joints Forged...
  13. MFactory Metal Plate LSD

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    The MFactory Metal Plate LSD has gone into production and will be ready in 4-6 weeks! These are for 40mm standard axle fitments (non DOHC ZC). Through the smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels, the MFactory Metal Plate LSD puts the power-to-the-ground and maximises your...
  14. SEMA, LA and South Carolina

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    For anyone that will be attending SEMA, come by and see me! I'll be at the MFactory booth all week. If you're not attending the show but will be in the area let me know, I'll be in Vegas from the 1st until the 8th. After that I'll be headed out to LA for a week. If you need a trans built and...
  15. sick1camcivic's D16Z6 trans, kind of...

    Transmission alley
    Last year I installed my old SRR FD into a Z6 trans I had already rebuilt and had listed for sale. This went to sick1camcivic for his turbo monster. Less than 200 miles on the trans and it broke at the strip. I figured it was the FD but he couldn't get an axle out. I picked up it from him...
  16. MFactory close gear set giveaway

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    Sale has ended. Stay tuned for the winner. Who: members that registered before 8-26-09 at 11:59PM EST. Open to members who have joined after that date who have posted something useful. What: MFactory D series Close gear set When: Ends 9-30-09 at 11:59PM EST. Drawing will...
  17. Free MFactory 3.083 first gear

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    Special has ended. This special will end on 9-13-09 at 11:59 PM EST. Only open to members who joined before 8-13-09 Free MFactory 3.083 first gear when you purchase the following from Whoopee Doo Racing: MFactory LSD (40mm) MFactory differential bearings MFactory final drive...
  18. MFactory D Series Dog Gear Set

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    This thread is for information about the proposed MFactory Dog Engagement Gear Set. There are two options we are currently looking at. Ratios are TBD. 1. Our standard material as used on our close gear set and final drives currently offered. The only way this option would be used is if we...
  19. MFactory DOHC ZC LSD Pre-Order

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    These are not officially being produced yet, please read this post in its entirety. After several people have asked me about an MFactory helical LSD for the DOHC ZC, I thought I'd see if there is enough serious interest. LSD would be exactly the same as the current D Series LSD, but will use...
  20. New Product Announcement: MFactory 35mm Helical LSD

    Transmission alley
    The MFactory D Series 35mm Helical LSD is now available for Pre-Order exclusively through Whoopee Doo Racing. For cable and hydro small bearing transmissions (STD, DX, CX, LX, VX, HF). Pre-Order price is $599.95 and includes shipping within the US 48 states. For more info, see the 35mm LSD...