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  1. TURBONETICS t3/t4e compressor map

    Forced Induction
    im looking for a compressor map for the TURBONETICS t3/t4e so i know what to expect out of it but i am not having luck with any of the turbonetics hybrid turbos. Does anyone know where to find one or do i need to contact turbonectics directly? Compressor housing- a/r .60, 3"inlet, 2"outlet...
  2. MAP questions - d16y8

    Engine Management
    1989 honda ef hatch, swapped in d16y8, turbo, p28,crome, etc.. i have a few problems but for now, "i have a the old style map sensor on the firewall getting vaccum straight for intake manifold. can i wire in a newer style map sensor ???" i have a bigger throttle body with the map sensor port, it...
  3. Speedfactory 4 Bar MAP Sensor - NEW, sealed

    For Sale
    Speedfactory 4 Bar MAP Sensor - SOLD I have a new, never used 4 bar MAP sensor that I purchased from speedfactory for $115. (Store | SpeedFactory Racing Tuning & Fabrication)It works with the following vehicles: 94-01 Acura Integra 90-93 Acura Integra (will require 94-01 Integra Throttle...
  4. Ignition Map advice! (pics)

    Engine Management
    Heres my setup: d16z6 vitara/ eagle build d15 head vtec bisimoto 2.4 turbo cam greddy 15g w/ 2.5in back Neptune rtp huckstorf 690cc injectors blox IM Here are snapshot of right before Vtec engages (4800rpm) And right after vtec engages (5000rpm) It seems like my low cam ignition map is way off...
  5. Del Sol Map light rods

    For Sale
    So recently i put JDM map light in my del sol and had extreme trouble finding the door hinge rods needed for the conversion. so i made my own. and now to help the community out im gonna begin selling them. if you need any or know a friend feel free to contact me. I can guarantee exact fitment...
  6. d15b jdm map

    Engine Management
    Hi , i need a map for my minime built ( d15b2 block - z06 head - vtec converted P06 ecu ) d15b jdm must be the best ignition/fuel map , same displacement & head Nobody have this stock P08 .bin ? Or an tuned map for this setup ? Thank you