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  1. Product Reviews
    Absolute piece of $#!%! Lifetime warranty my @$$! Didn't handle a stock d16y8! Less than 1000mi and look what happened! They still try to sell this crap on ebay. Crap material, worst machinery! Absolute no support. Be aware!
  2. 7th Gen
    No more retrofitting the Fit/L series LSD. The MFactory D17 helical LSD is now available. Fits all 2001-2005 D17 manual transmissions. PM, email, or call to order.
  3. For Sale
    MFactory LSD for EX Tranny - SOLD! Sold! Thank you all very much for your interest.
  4. Transmission alley
    Hi Fellas, my OBX LSD9200 blew. But only one gear got toasted. Anyone know where can I get another? Or even better, manufacture a new from the one intact? They are mirror view gears. Some pictures to help my bad english. Thanks Mates.
  5. Transmission alley
    Forgive me for posting this in here mods, I wanted it to have more exposure given the limited timeframe and the fact that not everyone views the sponsor forums. This sale will end on 8-17-12 at 11:59PM EDT. Open to all DSO members regardless of join date. A. MFactory helical LSD (any...
  6. Transmission alley
    I am looking to get and LSD for my D16Z6. Give me your opinion. -Synchrotech -OBX -Wavetrac Limited Which one? I am not in a rush.
  7. Transmission alley
    I need to read the rules
  8. Transmission alley
    Hey everyone I'm building my vtec e into a fully fledged vtec high compression street motor. I am now looking to get a d15b lsd gearbox to go with it, for it's lsd and the shorter gear ratio. I'm also in the UK which makes this a bit more difficult I'm also a bit confused about how to...
  9. Transmission alley
    are there different stages of lsd? i looking on ebay and they have one for 270.00 and than one for 700.00... the one for 700.00 looks bigger but is there a difference in them and if so what is the difference? thanks
  10. For Sale
    cleaning out the garage. Bought new car and have to abandon having two built engines. All prices are obo. PM me an offer. The worst I can do is say no :) With that said, pick up is best. I am located in zip 40505 but if need be I can ship or meet half way ( as long as the drive is not too far)...
  11. Transmission alley
    The MFactory D Series 35mm Helical LSD is now available for Pre-Order exclusively through Whoopee Doo Racing. For cable and hydro small bearing transmissions (STD, DX, CX, LX, VX, HF). Pre-Order price is $599.95 and includes shipping within the US 48 states. For more info, see the 35mm LSD...
  12. Transmission alley
    So John (see thread title for his username) Pre-Ordered an MFactory LSD from me with intentions to install it himself with help from his boss. That didn't work out due to his shop getting busy, so he asked me to rebuild it for him. So here it is. As it was when I picked it up from the freight...
  13. Transmission alley
    Whats up you guys! I'm about to purchase an LSD for my D16A6 cable transmission. The problem is that I am not very sure which one to go with. I've used a Kaaz in the past on my B series, was very happy with it. My problem is that times are a lil tough right now, so I want something a lil less...
  14. Transmission alley
    So here is my little review of the MFactory D Series (40mm) LSD. This is the prototype unit that I inspected and am currently running in my 96 hatchback. Trans is a EX D16Z6 trans I rebuilt a couple months ago as a backup and decided to use for the testing. Appearance of the diff is great, no...
1-14 of 21 Results