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lowering springs

  1. GC coil sleeves

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    hey all, something like this has probably been asked before, but i still don’t get it. i just recently upgraded from $30 ebay lowering springs, to yonaka front coilovers. they’re soo good. anyways, i picked up some Ground Control coil sleeves so i could go lower, without doing the whole 50s...
  2. Do I need new shocks/struts with new lowering springs?

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    I have a set of 2" Tokico lowering springs from my buddy. I have heard that you do need new shocks/struts, and I have also heard that you don't. I'm assuming I should probably get new shocks/struts before attempting to lower my 1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe since the springs are 2". If that is...
  3. tons of noise when hitting small bumps at any speed

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    i recently bought a 1994 ex for pretty cheap. it has a newer engine, exhaust, lowering springs, newer upper control arms, and a few other things. the biggest issue i have is when i hit a Small bump it is extremely loud and bouncy in the front end and it is really hard to control sometimes...
  4. Tein s tech lowering springs

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    Anyyone interested? i got a set for 4 tein s tech springs, i used them for about 3 months and took em off because i wanted to just slam my ek. i bought some coils so these are just laying aroundd, they have really good ride quality and are good for if you commute alot. just pm me for more info...
  5. Tein S. Tech's On Gas Struts(92-95 Civic & 94-01 Teggy)

    For Sale
    Authentic Tein S. Tech Lowering Springs FOR SALE $160 SHIPPED!! Very Smooth Ride! Feels like stock, but you are lowered. 3 struts are good, while the front right is blown. These came off of my 95 civic. I had the springs on for about 3000 miles and decided to go back to stiffer springs for...