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low compression

  1. extremely low compression after rebuild

    General Tech
    Ok guys im new here so bear with me please.. recently rebuilt my d16y7 in 99 civic after it spun bearings and now it wont start. chased ignition and timing issues to no avail until I had an OH DUH moment and ran a compression test....under 100psi across all 4 cylinders...crank was turned .030...
  2. Low Compression after Fresh Full Rebuild

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey Honda experts, I am having an issue with the D16a6 Engine after a fresh rebuild. Here's what was done: Engine: Bored block to 75.5mm Rehoned cylinders Oversized OEM style pistons Hastings Rings machined top for flatness (not sure how much the machinist took off) Head: New seals New...
  3. a6 build?

    Engine Building
    ok im prepared for ridicule as long as it is followed by an answer. I'm thinking of trading my del sol for a super clean ef hatch. Thing is the A6 has had some work and i'm questioning it's reliability. Here all the details i have on the A6 build. bored out to 1.9 OEM length eagle rods wiesco...
  4. Vitara Question!!! Help needed

    Engine Building
    Is there a specific way to time a motor that has vitaras? or can I just time it as if it was the regular pistons on there? I can hear the valves pretty loud and it gets quieter at certain rpms. What do you suggest? When I first checked before start up, I put everything tdc but somehow it wa way...