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  1. Civic

    Crazy, loud, fast, clean.
  2. General Tech
    this a jdm d15b vtec i have put about 1000 miles on it since i got it. it runs good. no problems thus far. at idle this thing sounds pretty loud. i dont hear any knocking from the bottom end. and i have inspected all of the timing components. what i i can really hear the valves closeing. so i...
  3. Engine Building
    Helo guys... Can someone help me out with my exhaust. I got a fix it ticket for a loud exhaust. I tried to put a stock muffler back from my friend del sol and still its loud. What should i do? Or what kind of exhaust will i put it except the stock to have a low db level? Thanks...
  4. Suspension Corner
    Hey guys, I think this is my first post here :) Anyway, my problem is my rear suspension is terribly loud. Its lowered with eibach springs and tokico shocks. I believe it has poly bushings (at least some) and upper and lower rear tower braces. This is the way I purchased the car many years ago...
1-4 of 4 Results