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  1. those interested to hear a sound clip of my 5th civic daily driver with fleabay fart

    here is some sound clips of my fleabay exhaust on my 5th civic daily driver. too loud at idle and screaming at redline, lucky i don't redline it day and night. it is a daily driver so shifts under 3K is fine. also the hangers were not modified and you can see it hanging low, anyways the car is...
  2. Its a noob question..

    New Member Introductions
    Is Turbo XS a good branded turbo? heres the specs.. . 50 A/R COMPRESSOR .63 A/R TURBINE .57 TRIM TURBINE WHEEL: EXDUCER: 2.48" MAYOR : 2.89" COMPRESSOR WHEEL : EXDUCER: 2.07" MAYOR : 2.36" would the spool be fast? Im looking at 300 hp hopefully..