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  1. Turbo hotside massive exhaust leak

    Forced Induction
    So I just finished putting together my turbo d16y7 (450cc njectors, p28, walbro 255, etc...) and it starts up just fine, but theres a MASSIVE exhaust leak from what appears to be the hot side of the turbo, maybe from the cast manifold, or both. does anyone have a solution for this? all the bolts...
  2. Strange Leak: S-40 Trans "long Gear"

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, Alright so this issue has me stumped, 1996 civic EK, swapped to a 99 y7 / S40 Trans ( was factory Auto LX) When i bought the car, no trans leaks. So i did what i always did. oil change and trans fluid exchange. Ordered the Honda MTF on ebay. Drained the 2 quarts out, replaced with new...
  3. Engine Leakage

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought a 91 RT4WD Civic Wagon, but the engine is leaking a ton so I replaced the crank seal. I'm waiting for a new lower timing cover (the lower bolt that holds the alternator was completely missing, so the alternator belt sawed completely through the timing cover) The crank seal, along...
  4. 1992 civic hatchback rear glass wont seal

    General Tech
    I was not sure where to put this thread if it is in the wrong area I am sorry. I frequently look at threads on here because of so many helpful people unlike honda tech can be at times. I have searched google downloaded the helms for 1992-1995 and adjusted my hatch glass numerous times.I cannot...
  5. Rear main seal

    Naturally Aspirated
    What's up guys recently found my leak on my z6, it's motor oil dripping around by the flywheel, guessing its the main seal, seeing if I could get some feedback about this job?
  6. Oil leaking from head? Manifold?

    General Tech
    I have a 94 civic ex d16z6 that I just recently built. I am in the break in process now and after driving it today, I popped the hood only to find smoke and oil pooled up betweed the head and the top of the manifold. The exhaust is not gray and thick. the build is as follows: D16Z6 Block 75mm...
  7. leak in pistons

    Engine Building
    hey everyone. i'm rebuilding my d16y7 from a 1998 civic cx hatch. so far what i have done is taken the cylinder head off and basically i set out to do a mini me swap, with a rebuilt head however. i figured since i made it this far, i may as well check the short block out and this is where i'm...
  8. DIY: CRX Leak Fix: Hatch strut leak

    DIY Forum
    I hope this isnt some sort of repost, just saw the NOS bottle version and figured id post this on here, made it a while back, not the best but gives u a good idea of what to do: After talking to a few people with CRXs I realized many of you are having some leaking issues, this thread will...
  9. D15B VTEC leaking gas

    General Tech
    what is this thing? pictured above.... i dont know the vacuum diagram for a d15b vtec with multi poing injection . i wired it up and had my buddy turn the key it runs for about 2 seconds and then dies but this thing pictured above sprays gas i cant try to figure out the vacuum lines untell i...
  10. Not boostin?!?!?!? :confused:

    Forced Induction
    Hi guys I need some help finding out what might be the cause of me not getting more than 2 psi of boost. I have an ebay kit on my car. First off, I took of the BOV and put a regular pipe, thinking it was the BOV. Not it. I unplugged the wastegate but its not that. All my piping are in place...