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  1. Ignition Switch Question

    Will an ignition switch from a 95 Civic fit in a 97 Civic?
  2. Ignition Problem Need Help Quick! Thanks

    General Tech
    Alright so I left school tonight, my car started with no problem, drove fine. I got home turned the car off for a few minutes. When I went back outside and tried to start the car I got nothing. The power was good but no crank. I dont know much about cars right now, but my father knows a good...
  3. D16z6 woodruff keyhole chipped HELP!

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi, I have a 95 EX civic. The woodruff keyhole is chipped a bit. I can still put in the pulley and the key, but there's a slightly big gap on the right, if the keyhole is facing up. when i put on the crank pulley and move the pulley, i can still move the piston and the key stays intact, kinda...