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  1. USDM ECU in JDM Engine...Can you do this?

    General Tech
    Hello guys Could you run a usdm ecu with a jdm engine? The ecu is going to be chipped with a hondata s300. But I havent been able to find some clear answers online, so id love to know if this is possible. Since finding a compatible jdm ecu is a pain in the ass. And if it is doable does the...
  2. Jdm Sohc ZC block & Y8 head

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys im new to the honda game and have been trying to build a mini me swap for my 99 civic ex. I've been having trouble to find the correct timing belt that'll fit. i tried the d16y8 belt which didn't fit it was too short and i even tried a d16a6 belt and same it didnt fit had too much...
  3. S20 JDM Gear ratio's

    Transmission alley
    Hello people, Recently i did some research on what type of transmission i have. Since i bought the JDM D15B vtec with tranmission. On the tranmission housing says its a P20 B000. So thats correct if i check al the information on the internet. I am wel aware that is the big bearing version. It...
  4. Jdm d17a

    7th Gen
    Ok guys I have an 05 honda civic ex with manual trans. When I bought it the D17a2 had a blown head gasket, so instead of fixing it I bought a JDM D17A. Now it was plug and play for the most part, did have to use the USDM throttle body to still have cruise control. Here are my questions that I...
  5. Nothing for sale here!

    Engine Management
  6. High compression jdm d15b vtec

    Engine Building
    Is this a good build and will it be reliable Gx pistons Arp head studs & rod bolts Ported head 340cc injectors 255 walbro 100 wet shot
  7. JDM d15b (exhaust)

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys, what catback should i run on my stock jdm d15b vtec? any suggestions? and how are the ebay ones?
  8. JDM d15b vtec

    New Member Introductions
    So i just got my d15b and im wanting to order an exhaust, prefer a skunk2, what size and best exhaust would go for my motor?
  9. JDM d15B

    New Member Introductions
    Whattup guys, ive been wanting a honda for years and recently just bought a friends 99 eg coupe with a vtec jdm d15b swap, no ac/powersteering. Im wanting to know if this engine has potential, im all about being the underdog and dragging on bigger engines, but my question is is the d15b worth...
  10. quick question: D15B

    Naturally Aspirated
    i have a jdm engine D15B using a P28 ECU on an 1993 EJ1 i went to the junkyard and saw some 4 doors with the d15b. ok ive done my research so far and came up with the conclusion that i can pass smog. i just need more evidence of this before i try to smog it. thanks
  11. JDM D15b Help

    Engine Building
    Kinda want to do a mild comp build possibly upgrade pistons cam and valve springs. But I am doing a ton of research trying to find out what is interchangable and what isnt with these motors. Because these are slightly different than other D series. Because of the 137 mm rods just like the d16...
  12. D16y5 need tranny

    Transmission alley
    I am switching from a 4 speed to a 5 speed transmission and need to know a couple things about them. Will my old axles fit this new transmission and if I have to get different axles will they fit my hub for the wheels? (dseries to d series) can I use the same ecu since I will be changing from...
  13. exhaust manifold d13

    General Tech
    hey guys, im currently running a 96 ek2 entirely JDM (ie i live in japan) including the tiny d13b4 motor. i want to do some exhaust and intake work and i need some more info. for the exhaust i havent decided what headers i want to use because im not sure what will all work with minimum...
  14. D15b Turbo Engine build

    Engine Management
    I have a JDM D15b Turbo'd with a 50trim (ebay turbo) and on wg 5psi and controller 8-10 psi. Just got a DD and looking to tear apart the engine and make it into a monster. Currently am making upward of 200+ HP worried about snapping Rods with it. Would like some ideas what to get as far as...
  15. **Ef9 jdm cluster??**

    General Tech
    ef9 jdm cluster - Google Search So I just got this cluster. Came off of a 91 Rhd.. I figured it would fit my 89 Lhd plug and play.. I was wrong. Lol. First things that I noticed. My car has a speedo cable, the cluster has no hole. the cluster is about 4-5 clip, my Oem cluster harness only has 2...
  16. **jdm cluster??**

    Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a cluster with a tach to replace my stock dx cluster. I believe its the crx 89-91 jdm cluster that I'm interested in. It's has the 8k-9k redline and the car diagram on the right side. Anybody have one "laying around".??
  17. D15 overheating and get no heat inside the car

    Engine Management
    I have done a semi rebuild on a d15b2 and was not getting heat so I changed my thermostat and flush the heater core and still no heat I let it run for a awhile then started to overheat. I felt the hose that leads to the heater it is getting hot. I would like any input or comment on what I should...
  18. Del Sol Map light rods

    For Sale
    So recently i put JDM map light in my del sol and had extreme trouble finding the door hinge rods needed for the conversion. so i made my own. and now to help the community out im gonna begin selling them. if you need any or know a friend feel free to contact me. I can guarantee exact fitment...
  19. kingyeddi's 'anti-budget' eco/cheapo turbo build

    93 4dr 5sp D16z6.. Honda kn00b. First turbo build period. Still collecting parts for the 'kit'. First goal is to complete the kit and get her up and running on low boost and output of minimum funds. I'm using as much used shit as possible via forums and trying to avoid dealing with the shitbay...
  20. 2000 Civic EX VTEC blown engine

    General Tech
    i have a 2000 Civic EX VTEC 5 speed manual. About 2 weeks ago I blew then engine, crankshaft needs replaced, plus who knows what else. There were metal chunks throughout the oil pan. I am having an extremely difficult time find a direct D16Y8 replacement engine. So what are my other options...