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  1. Weird idle issue

    General Tech
    so i own a boosted D16z6 and recently my clutch line blew so i had to replace the hole system in order to finally get pressure to my clutch. Anyway, ive noticed that ever since i put all my couplers and piping back on (i had to take them off in order to have access to the clutch lines) my car...
  2. low idle

    General Tech
    I'm quite a noob here and I hope some one can help me with my low idle problem. My idle is always low (around 600rpm w/ ac and 800rpm w/o ac). This started when my friend and I tried to combine a PH15 carb block and a ported/polished D16A VTEC head from Japan. We already advanced the distributor...
  3. Revs Past 4000 RPM When Cranked

    Engine Management
    I have a 1994 Honda Civic EX with a fully built d16z6. Today was the first time it has be cranked since I started building it 6 months ago. Upon cranking it for the first time, the car reved to 4000 rpm. I checked the timing and it is pin point. I just replaced the distributor cap, rotor, and...
  4. issue with first gear.

    Transmission alley
    once in a while when rolling up to a stop (or at a stop) with the clutch to the floor and braking, i have a hard time getting it to go into first gear. Im not sure if there is a lock out to stop you from going into first when rolling forward, it seems to do it more frequently if the motor is...