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  1. interior window trim sticking EG

    General Tech
    i’ve got a 1994 eg, with crank windows. when it gets warm/hot and really humid (as it often does in southeast NC) the little rubber lip on the inside of the window sticks to the window when i try to roll it down, and rolls up and basically stops the window. anyone have a fix for this? my ra65...
  2. 99 civic ex abs removal gone wrong?

    Engine Management
    hi i recently deleted my abs and did something really stupid, i cut the wires where they come into the bay, and took them out of the pinout of the abs harness... since then my car has done this. and i cant figure it out. im flippin...
  3. Need help with this one plug

    can anyone tell me where this plug goes... there was wires cut up by the firewall. i know it has to be part of the main harness. i want to just hardwire it where it needs to go with solder and heat shrink. its a 9 pin connector and has the wires from the door jamb switches. I want to get it...
  4. D.I.Y. painted interior

    DIY Forum
    I'm not sure how high the demand is for this but I know it caught my eye and may interest a few other people here as well. D.I.Y. custom painted interior. DIY #2: black interior - - Honda Civic Forum
  5. 95 civic 4 door

    General Tech
    I am wanting to do an Interior mods on my 95 civic it has tan interior and I would like to keep the factory color any ideas sorry about the odd typeing my phone did an auto correct and I didn't notice
  6. How Do I Convert Civic Sedan Interior from tan to black

    General Tech
    I have a 1992 Honda Civic DX sedan that came from the factory with tan and grey interior and I was wondering is there any possible way to completely convert the interior to black including the climate control assembly without paint because I’ve heard that over time the paint chips and looks...
  7. 94 Del Sol interior connector plug

    General Tech
    I was going through the fuses in my wife’s Del Sol trying to find out why the power windows, turn signals, and all the dash lights aren’t working when I noticed something tucked above the fuses…. (brown plug at the bottom of the picture)...
  8. Automotive upholstry

    New Member Introductions
    I tried doing some re-search on the net bout how to learn how to re upholster seats and do interiors, my interior is in good condition but i wanted to learn cus it seems like fun. Is it a indemand career? Does it pay well? How do people usually learn? Has anymore here done it?
  9. '96 Civic hatchback Interior

    Hey guys, just want to get some opinions on a few things. I want to spice up my interior a bit (ie paint) I was thinking of painting the air vents, door handles, the little pockets on the door arm rests, and anything else i can paint. What colours do you think would look good, and what kind of...
  10. Dash Lights Not Working in my coupe

    When i purchased my honda the dash cluster lights and climate control lights worked fine, but i had to straight wire my cd player cause someone cut the plug and and while doing that the lights just kinda shorted out. i checked both fuses under the dash and under the hood and neither fuses are...
  11. Help with interior please

    General Tech
    Hey guys this is my first post on d-series. i looked all around the 14 pages of threads for 3 days now and didn't find what i needed so i figured i would ask. I am about to buy an eg hatch. the interior could use some work and i want it to look really nice. it needs a glovebox, the peice that...
  12. DC2 ITR front, Integra Parts, EK Interior

    For Sale
    94 Integra LS Interior only missing one of the rear plastics and front seats. $100 picked up. Pay shipping at your own cost if you want it shipped. 98 EK Rear Seats, Carpet, and some other misc. interior. $50 picked up. Ship at your own cost. JDM DC2 ITR Front End Carbon fiber hood with Mugen...