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  1. D16A1 86-89 Teg Trans -> A20 3rd Gen Accord

    Transmission alley
    Curious if any of you know anything about either of these two as far as interchangeability of different gear sets. So far the Plan is to swap the Teg 1-4 + FD into the accord bellhousing + 5th. If anyone knows other interchangeable models or has any notes to share, it'd be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Timelapse of my engine removal

    So I'm still new at making videos and it's hard to decide what to film and what not to. I need some ideas guys... I got a bunch of work ahead of me because I haven't touched or drove my car in over a year... It just sat here in the driveway sadly... but anyways I caught a good day here in...
  3. Nothing for sale here!

    Engine Management
  4. EF swap to B18B

    Naturally Aspirated
    I have a complete B18B for my 1989-91 honda civic si (D16A6). I did some reading. -obd0 - obd1 conversion harness -linkage -b series mounts -b16 cable tranny what else do i need? please help :) i want to do it, but i want to make sure i have all the stuff before i do so. Thank you lots...
  5. My JDM DC1 Integra

    Hi, new Irish member here! Thought I'd throw up some pics of my car. Only recently bought it, so thats why its so standard! Have some plans for it tho :shifty: Pretty standard and clean car. 00 DC1 with d16 zc engine. Imported from Japan in late 2007. 114k km. Upgraded interior (fav part of...
  6. help 98 civic swap intergra

    Suspension Corner
    my friend is parting out a 98 integra and i have a shot front passenger caliper on my 98 civic dx. What can i pull off his integra onto my car. Shocks front and rear disk brakes brake booster and cylinder control arms? i'm not really sure from my understanding its all just bolt on swap...
  7. 94 01 teggy seats into 94 hatch

    General Tech
    I'm on my way to go get 97 integra mint condition cloth seats and need to know if they are a direct fit into my 94 hatch or if modification is needed. I searched and didn't find a solid answer. Just people asking the difference between ls rs gs and gsr seats. Thanks in advance and I'm sorry...
  8. Teggy gs-r brakes all the way around check this out! Help

    Suspension Corner
    Ok I have. 94 dx hatch with disc all the way around. I recently bought front pads for it and it ended up needing pads for a gsr. I ordered them for a 98 gsr 2dr an that went well and I am having no problems. Anyways on to my questions. I read up on the rear disk set up and I believe my hatch...
  9. Integra dual bend shifter. Pros/cons?

    Transmission alley
    I'm thinking about installing a dual bend shifter into my 94 hatch (d16z6) w/ y8 trans. I was just wanting to see if any of you have used or currently have a dual bend integra shifter in your civic. It seems like it would be a bit better but I wanted some input before I go out and buy one. I...
  10. nada

    I don't know how to read.
  11. D16y8 Build up or B16 swap?

    Engine Building
    I was wondering what you guys think was a better idea. I have a stock D16y8 that i was planning on building up for boost eventually. But yesterday I got offered a B16 Complete with head, intake manifold, throttle body, etc. I was wondering which one would be the better deal? Im not familiar with...
  12. Camber kit, traction bar, throttle body

    For Sale
    I have a few parts im trying to get rid of. SOLD=skunk 2 eg/dc front camber kit (new) $150= SOLD skunk 2 ek front camber kit (new) $150 eg traction bar (new) $180 obo SOLD=blox 76mm throttle body (new) $200 obo=SOLD i also have 2 row aluminum radiator with a jvt racing slim fan (new) $125 all...
  13. Exhaust for a DC------NEEED HELP!!!!!!!

    General Tech
    Are there any other stock exhaust parts that I can throw on a DC. I cant find any specifically off of a DC. so i want to try and maybe peice something together.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  14. Project DC... The New Shits!!!

    Sooo. I Traded my E30... Yea, sure did... I Got Another Honda, well an Acura, lol. I traded my Buddy for his 95 DC integra w/ Very Tasteful mods! Ls Motor GSR Trans 170k on the Body ABOUT 95k on the motor Skunk2 Coil-overs After market shocks (not sure which ones yet, havent checkd, lol) 16"...
  15. DC2 ITR front, Integra Parts, EK Interior

    For Sale
    94 Integra LS Interior only missing one of the rear plastics and front seats. $100 picked up. Pay shipping at your own cost if you want it shipped. 98 EK Rear Seats, Carpet, and some other misc. interior. $50 picked up. Ship at your own cost. JDM DC2 ITR Front End Carbon fiber hood with Mugen...
  16. I want to no if the new d-series engine

    hello i want to no if the new d-series engine that come in the 2003 civic can work with the zc gear box that come in the integra
  17. PR4 ECU for sale Manual transmission

    For Sale
    that's right, a Manual Virgin PR4... $150 shipped obo pix upon request, but will get some up soon
  18. 1996 Integra LS Sedan *pics 1/21/14* jdm front & 5 lug & Auto to Manual

    While driving around my town recently, I spied this car with a for sale sign in it. I have seen this car sit in front of this house for a few years now. It used to look a lot better, but over time it was starting to look worse. When I saw the for sale sign, I stopped and went to check it out. It...