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  1. D16y7 to d16y8 intake swap

    Engine Building
    Hi guys, I just swapped d16y7 intake with the y8 intake manifold. However the car acceleration is slower after the swap and I can feel something is holding back the acceleration around 6000rpm. Is this something got to do with camshaft advancing and retarding. TDC and BDC is as per the marks by...
  2. Golden Eagle Intake Manifold (GEM) reving up from 1k to 4k

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there, So I have almost "finished" installing my turbo kit with the GEM manifold. After this, only thing left is to update the injectors and do the proper tune up to the ECU. I have a problem tho. After installing the GEM, I started the car and it kept reving up from 1-4k. There are no...
  3. First turbo project ever - noob questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there, I've been lurking for a few months now, registered a couple months ago and today I'm finally posting. There's a lot of good info here but unfortunately lots of pics are 404 or it's hard to find a specific question. I'm working on my D16Z6 and setting up my first turbo ever. I've...
  4. D16Y5 in need of suggestions

    New Member Introductions
    Alright I have a 98 HX with the D16Y5 in it. So far I have the basics intake/exhaust, but I am looking into getting some goodies for my baby. I'm looking to get the EX tranny, but also looking into intake manifolds and fuel injectors. I have about $1400 I can put into it. I've seen some Skunk2...
  5. y7 to y8 intake manifold swap help

    General Tech
    Ok, so I did the y7 to 78 intake manifold swap on my 96 dx. Everything is put back in its correct place and now its hunting idle. Ive looked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any. I even put on a brand new iacv and its still hunting idle. Any ideas what to look for next?
  6. D16z6 style Intake manifold on 2000 D16y8 head

    Engine Building
    I am getting ready to make my purchase of my Edelbrock Performer X intake manifold. Now I know there are two different part numbers for the 92-95, and the 96-00. The part number for the Z6 is 4754 and the part number for the D16y series is 4756. There is about a $50 difference between the...
  7. D16Y8 Intake Manifold on D17

    7th Gen
    Hey guys, I've been research a decent bit on this topic. I'm planning on just swapping the manifold and using the D17 TB, Fuel Rail, Injectors, and all that for the time being and also not having an EGR is a plus for this. However I am concerned with the tune I will need after the swap. I...
  8. d16Y7 intake manifold on d15b7

    General Tech
    So I'm swapping a d16Y7 into a 95 Civic (had a d15b7). Everything looks good but the intake manifold. I've searched several forums and everyone seems to think the manifold should match up. My thinking is to JB weld the top of the water passage and use the newer manifold gasket. Or would the...
  9. Cold air and intake issue

    New Member Introductions
    I have a d16y8 with stock intake and throttle body. Installed on that is an Injen CAI. I am looking at buying a Skunk2 intake, which is an entirely different setup than my current one, and it appears that I would need to purchase a new cold air. My question is can I modify my current CAI or am I...
  10. y7 to sohc zc nonvtec swap

    New Member Introductions
    bearings Hows would' you install bearings after getting crank micro polished and new eagle rods? block is notched for eagle rods. block bored .75 mm over Acid vated, etc. and will come with cp forged pistons(wish they were cast,unless guy didnt know and they were cast) might go 5-6 lbs. of...
  11. d15b issues i think

    Naturally Aspirated
    alright first some back ground before you'all tear into me.. This is the first honda ive ever had and also the first time i've used a forum so sorry if i seem like a noob. So anyways i bought a 1990 hb from craigslist and the guy i got it from said i have a d15 engine. i checked and it says d15b...
  12. Match Throttle body size to plenum or not?

    Forced Induction
    I had bought a custom intake manifold a few years back, and I was redoing my setup and finally got around checking the inside diameter of the plenum and my current throttle body, and that I have been running the wrong size throttle body. I measured the plenum to be a minimal of a 72 mm inside...
  13. WTF???? D16Y8 IM on a D15B7

    Naturally Aspirated
    what all do i have to do to get the Y8 manifold to fit on my D15B7 head?
  14. DIY thermal intake manifold gasket

    DIY Forum
    Decided to make one and share with you guys! Some time ago I noticed in local shop thermal gasket sheets. They weren't cheap, but I thought it would be for future needs and bought smallest sheet available (which was about 1.5x1.5 meters and 2mm thick). Paid about $90 for it.. It is called...
  15. D15

    Engine Building
    Alright so i am building my D15B and was hoping for any ideas and suggestions for what fuel rails, injectors, cam, cam gear, and intake manifold i should get. All suggestions and knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
  16. y8 intake manifold and tb

    For Sale
    I have the intake manifold and throttle body off of a d16y8 engine. It was an automatic so the iacv is under the throttle body rather than the back of intake manifold. If you are not running an automatic, honda left spots on the back where you can just drill a couple holes to place a manual...
  17. WTB y8 intake manifold & tb

    Want to Buy
    I'm doing an auto-manual conversion with my d16y8 and I need the tb / intake manifold off of a 5spd y8. The iacv is located on the back of the intake manifold for the manuals, compared to under the tb like on my automatic one. I am also looking for mounts and linkages in salvage yards but if...
  18. Intake manifolds and throttle bodies

    7th Gen
    Fisrt of all i have a 2005 civic ex se with 1.7 d17a2....I need an intake manifold really bad. trying to put this tsi gt25r to work...please help.....( i also need an aftermarket head if anyone knows))
  19. f/s D series Skunk2 manifold ~ $180 shipped

    For Sale
    f/s D series Skunk2 manifold ~ $180 shipped / Comptech 2.5" Exhaust $200 Forget it keeping it!
  20. Type R y8 Intake manifold???

    General Tech
    Hey guys, i just bought a used 96-98 y8 intake manifold from a Civic EX off of ebay for $1 but shipping raped me ($40). The seller claims that it is the Type R manifold which flows better than any other oem d-series IM. Is this true???? It doesnt matter if not i got it for a buck, i just want to...