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  1. Engine Building
    Hi all, first post here I've tried looking around but couldn't find what I was looking for. Next week I'm tearing apart my D16Z6 from my Del Sol to turn it into an N/A high compression build. I got some DNJ P29 pistons and rings, but my question is: How do I install them? I know that I take out...
  2. Audio/Electronics
    Here's the thing, I got some free ej1 tweeters to install in my eg8 sedan. What would be the best location acoustically wise? Pics: This: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting or: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Yes, I know these aren't great but I'm not buying new ones...
  3. Engine Building
    After getting my head back from the machine shop a few months back he stripped it completely down including the intake and exhaust studs. Well Today I finally picked some up from the stealership, But whats the best way to go about installing them? I Was told by a friend to throw some...
  4. General Tech
    Hey my AEM fuel filter just showed up today, I plan on installing it this weekend in my 96 civic ex (d16y8 ). It doesnt look like it will be to difficult but I have a concern. Some people recommend just unscrewing the fuel cap to relieve pressure. I have also heard that you should remove the...
  5. Suspension Corner
    Last summer I installed my new suspension but never got around to posting the pics on here. For those who were holding their breath here you go:
  6. DIY Forum
    Well folks. I had to instal a new fuel pump recently cause the old one died on me. So, as well as installing a new Walbro 255, I took pics for this DIY. Enjoy. Tools needed: 92-95 civic Walbro 255 fuel pump 10mm socket 17mm socket flathead screwdriver philipshead screwdriver flat nosed pliers...
1-6 of 6 Results