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  1. Injectors good for pump gas AND E85

    Forced Induction
    Looking for some recommendations for injectors which are good for pump gas AND E85 with a flex fuel sensor. Power goals are around 500whp on E85. Tried Bosch 1300cc injectors - mapping on E85 was okay, but with pump gas (100octane) not possible to map :/ Any experiences with injectors for both...
  2. Injectors Problem!!!!!!!!

    New Member Introductions
    D16Y8-No Power To Injectors I was replacing my injectors for a bigger size (450cc) aftermarket, they where suppose to be direct fit but you know ebay stuff, any way after fitting and wiring I got it to start and run , BUT i left the wires expose and when I try to move them out of the way (the...
  3. Do I need a Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) and/or Fuel pump??

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    I've been searching here and around for an answer but can't find anything, just hints and tips. Here's my situation: I got this turbo kit => and it says I only need to...
  4. Now offering injector services Affiliates
    We wanted to extend this service out to d-series members , we're now offering injector services for $80 ( up to 6 injectors ) The service includes Flow testing Leakage test Spray pattern test ( certain rpm can be asked to be tested at ) Cleaning All test are performed in house and...
  5. Bad Fuel System Parts

    Dohc ZC in my 89 Crx Hf body. Hey Guys! Here again with some more questions. So with the car not running, I had to do some diagnostics. I had already checked for spark, compression, and fuel(at least the fuel pump). Everything was good, and it still wouldn't start. Last night, I...
  6. Fuel Pump Question

    New Member Introductions
    So I'm building a d15b7 with a garrett tb03 turbo from a volvo, I am ordering a set of 450cc injectors, and a aem fuel pressure regulator and ill need some resistors I believe, I'll also be running Hondata and Im just wondering if it is necessary to upgrade my fuel pump as well? I'm only going...
  7. Injector Update

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    Ok, so I've been searching for anyone that's done this one already, and can't seem to find it. All I find I people who put higher flow injectors in their engines, presumably keeping the same "style" of injector. What I wanna do is to change the style entirely. The d15b7 has the large solenoid...
  8. D16Y8 bigger injector questions?

    New Member Introductions
    Straight to buisness... ima a noob but not totally retarded, just half retard. im putting in bigger injectors (7mgte 440cc) my car has a injector resistance box already???? do i have to put in a different one??? (converted obd1 p28 ecu chipped crome, 1989 honda civic dx with d16y8 turbo 5psi)
  9. injectors not spraying after headgasket replacement

    Engine Management
    hey guys i dont know if this is the right forum but i need help, my project/daily driver doesnt start after i did a head gasket replacement. car is a 91 honda concerto with a mini me swap( jdm vtec d15b head). car is still obd0. i hooked up all connectors and grounds and car would crank but no...
  10. d16z6 first build any advice would help

    Engine Building
    So heres what i got. 91 civic si hb, D16z6 head port and polished,d16y7 block, im thinking of ging with eagle rods and vitara pistons, boosting maybe 15 psi. never ran a turbo before are ebay turbos ay good? b18 tb port matched, with aem cold air intake, z6 IM, aem fuel rail, 255 walboro...
  11. mini me injectors?

    Naturally Aspirated
    i resently got my car back from getting a computer upgrade. i did a obd0 to obd1 upgade and i have a mini me. zc bottom with z6 head. i am noticing i have terrible gas millage and every time i shift i get a small cloud of fuel burn off. i am wondering what kinde of injectors i should be...
  12. Fuel injectors and rail

    Engine Building
    So i have a D16y8; tenzo r short ram, dc 4-1 header, magnaflow muffler, goin with 2 1/4 piping soon. I want to buy an aobd1 ecu, p28, soon but before i buy that i want to have the proper fuel supply so i can get the most out of the tune. Any reccomendations on injectors? and as for the fuel...
  13. Z6 fuel injectors in a 96 civic OBD2A

    Engine Building
    does anyone know what wires go to what from the obd2a harness to the clips for the injectors from a z6??
  14. d16z6 injectors issue!!!

    General Tech
    :3dtard:hey how it going i picked up my sol about 3 months ago, also my first owned honda technically but have had many motorswaps under the belt. that being said my 94 sol refuses to spray fuel i have changed in jectors 3 times deleted and replaced the resistor box, replaced a partial wiring...
  15. will i get more fuel fro b18a1 injectors than my d series??

    General Tech
    the title says it all... i have a set of b series injectors and was wondering if it was worth it to swap them with my d series... tehy came off a b18a1??????
  16. D15

    Engine Building
    Alright so i am building my D15B and was hoping for any ideas and suggestions for what fuel rails, injectors, cam, cam gear, and intake manifold i should get. All suggestions and knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Dpfi to mpfi ?'s

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought a 89 sedan dx, I want to swap to mpfi. it is a manual. so I have: - Si ECU(PM6 for manual transmission) - Resistor Box(91 Si) w/plug - Si fuel line from filter to fuel rail - Si throttle cable - U shaped coolant hose my questions are.. 1-will a 93 injectors work? I have...
  18. Installing 450 cc injectors

    Engine Building
    I have a doubt, I know that in order to run 450cc injectors I need a resistor box but what else is needed? I already tried to install them with the resistors but the engine won´t start because it´s running too rich, I managed to control the injection enough for the engine to start but as soon as...
  19. Secondary injectors anyone?

    Engine Management
    Hi guys, I've been searching to see how one should hook up their secondary injectors (8 injectors) on a civic d16 turbo setup. I currently have 550cc's and I know they will not be enough for my 450whp d16 build. I wanna know how I can go by wiring secondary injectors, cuz I have 460cc's in my...