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  1. Backfiring in boost and weird things

    Forced Induction
    I've got a stockblock y8 on about 7psi. Had it tuned on stock injectors and ran great for a while. One day I was driving and idle/part throttle pegged rich, like 10:1. Fried the wideband it was so rich. With a new wideband I decided to tune out the low load richness and got it ballparked, and...
  2. D15Z6 injectors seals size oe number for a kit

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! My car is a EK3 Civic, 1997. Europe version, 1.5iLS, D15Z6 engine. (OBD2A I think....I don't have OBD2B 16pin plug, just the 2+3 pins). I want to clean my injectors, but I afraid, because if the seals damaged, I "lost" my car. I ask the local car shop in Hungary, but they don't have spare...
  3. Injector Identifacation

    Forced Induction
    Got some injectors for my dads lsvt there sapposed to be 750cc but can't match the numbers on them.
  4. D15b7 injectors wont fire

    Engine Building
    Swaped a d15b7 because the other one had a rod knock but the other engine in same injectors but now the injectors wont spray, checked to see if they got power with a light tester and it does but when i check the ecu wires it doesnt light up. Ive tried looking for a wire grounding out on...
  5. injector size help!

    Naturally Aspirated
    i have a d16z6 planning to put in high compression pistons, bigger vlaves, port and polish and a big cam. i need some opinions on fuel rails and injector sizes please! im planning to use injector dynamics. ive heard real good things about their 1000cc injectors but not educated on proper sizes...
  6. d16z6 injectors issue!!!

    General Tech
    :3dtard:hey how it going i picked up my sol about 3 months ago, also my first owned honda technically but have had many motorswaps under the belt. that being said my 94 sol refuses to spray fuel i have changed in jectors 3 times deleted and replaced the resistor box, replaced a partial wiring...