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  1. Engine Building
    HI, I have a set of BLOX 1300cc Eco-Fi Fuel injectors and I'm curious if these are going to hold up. I've seen other posts on forums and some say BLOX is bad, others say they make good stuff. Just seeing what you guys say about them and whether or not to use them.
  2. General Tech
    i know this product has been out for a few years. i was wondering if anyone has ever used this product? good or bad, what are your thoughts? this is what AEM says it does "The AEM Water/Methanol Injection kit with 1 gallon tank includes all the elements necessary to do water/methanol...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has experience with the Snow Performance boostcooler Stage 1 kit for NA motors? I am running about 12.8:1 static and have to severely retard timing under load even running 94octane. I already know water/meth is my solution of choice, but am wondering about the...
1-3 of 3 Results