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idle problems

  1. d16z6 swap hunting idle and dies?

    Engine Building
    Ok let me start off by saying this is my first post on here and yes i know that i am a noob. So if i have posted this in the wrong section i am sorry and just try to point me towards the drection i need to go. With that said lets get right down to the problem. I have a 93 honda del sol s that...
  2. d15b7 Idle issues

    New Member Introductions
    ok so a couple weeks ago i tackled an engine swap, i replaced the d15b8(boat anchor) with a d15b7 picked up a different ecu p06 for the b7, started her up and it was idle surging from 1k to 3k back and forth, so i figured it was the iacv, i wound up partially covering up the fitv opening with...
  3. car idle is strange

    Engine Management
    hi, im new to this site and i have a 89 ef honda hatchback. i recently swapped in a jdm d15b vtec. this is my first swap. the first couple months it ran fine until i hit a curb and bent my lca and possibly subframe and caster is off so im sure something is bent.. after this accident, my car has...
  4. Any advice helps

    Forced Induction
    i have a 95 civic ex with a d16z6 and its boosted...the turbo setup is home made the turbo is off a mits gst...i think that right lol...i have arp studs...stock running 12psi it runs fine when im getting on it sometimes lags from second to third...when i start the car i have to...