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idle issues

  1. Chasing CEL's...frankenstein car

    Engine Management
    Hey Guys! New to the forums because Ive searched all over and cant find anything. My situation is very specific. Recently bought a 99 Ek Coupe with a D16Y8 in it. When I purchased the car it had the motor half taken out of it. Half of the motor mounts were off, harness was...
  2. D16Z6 turbo build wont stay running?

    Engine Building
    Hey guys its been awhile! My previous post is here if you're interested in the build. Just kidding, it wont let me post links. I'll PM you if you want to see it. I did get Skunk2 Pro 1's all around as well as rear disc conversion. Not that it has anything to do with this post. Sooooo, my...
  3. ***d16y7- low idle and bounces at certain rpm.

    General Tech
    Hi guys I'm new at this! I have a 99 si coupe and it has a d16y7 (Yay ) other day it started idle low around 500-300 and if I feather the throttle at about 1500 rpm, It will like kind of stay there and shutter kind of like a bah, bah, bah, bah... im looking at cleaning the throttle body and...
  4. Idle issues after pcv hose replacement

    General Tech
    First off, I don't make threads unless I'm completely stumped. I may just be in a bad mood and not thinking straight. Here goes. Engine is a d15beast7. I found a tear in my lower pcv hose going to the black box while changing my oil the other day. The tear was right before where the clamp...