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  1. Showcase
    We r a group of car kids in the Middle Tn area. We do wire tucks, cages, swaps, pretty much anything!!...R main thing is Hondas Nissans, and Street Bikes although we have added a IS300 and a Audi TT to the group. Have questions feel free to ask, wanna post pics of your stuff go ahead. Im gonna...
  2. Want to Buy
    Anybody selling SI rims? I need two sets of SIs. Let me know what you got and send me the price shipped to Canada H7V 2C3.
  3. Forced Induction
    alright my problem is that when boost hits it feels like major lag like there is no boost i have a d16z6 block with a d15b7 head 450 cc injectors anyone have any advise
  4. Showcase
    This is my 94' Del Sol S. I've owned the car for about 8 months and plan to do a 5spd swap in april. Motor: D16Y8 SOHC VTEC. Parts: BBP Header back exhaust (2.25") 5 piece strut bar package. 1 piece headlights. 17" ICW Racing Wheels (came with car) Coilovers (dont kno brand) Future Mods: B20b...
  5. Showcase
    Honda Civic Cx 1995 mini-me made by me Update of september 6 Engine Modification N/a Setup -10.85:1 compression ratio -Block d15b7 of honda civic Dx -Head d16y8 of Civic SI -Ported and polished head -Brand new Valves Seals -Honed -Tuned et chipped(chrome) On p28 ecu -2'' exhaust line -Muffler...
  6. Engine Management
    Hello, I got a 1994 Honda Civic 4 door. I believe its a EG? and i was wonding if any one could tell me what other honda engines i could jus drop in an not have to worry about mounts? harness doesnt matter. Thank you.
81-86 of 87 Results