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  1. d16y8 coolant problems

    General Tech
    i have a 97 civic with a d16y8 started to overheat so i took the thermostat out and it’s still over heating. would that be a head gasket??
  2. Rattling from ECU

    Engine Management
    I was in the process of removing my ECU when I heard a rattling noise coming from inside. I opened it up to find a chip loose. This bring me to my 3 questions. What exactly is this chip for? What can cause it to dislodge itself? Can it be resoldered?
  3. D16Y8 400HP Build? your thoughts.

    Hello my name is jack and I'm currently planning on a "Fun Daily Car" I Drive a "Honda Del Sol From 1996" It's an alright car. some fun add on parts. "BUT Let's Continue" I was looking for around 400HP I will make a small list down here so we don't have to read that much! it's a list what I...
  4. Looking at buying a 1992 EG Hatch

    General Tech
    Hello D-Series community. I am an owner of a VQ powered G35, and am currently looking to distance myself from the world of Nissan's terrible unreliability. I am currently looking at a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback, and want to know if the car is worth considering. The current owner of the car told...
  5. D16A9 Silicon Hose Kit

    Hi , Does anyone knows , where can i find a kit of silicon hoses for d16A9 engine, i found that D16z6,D16Y8 have a good fitment, but..there is a upper radiator hose in d16A9 that is totally different compare with other D16/D15. My car is a Del sol D16A9 , i guess is an SI version por Euro...
  6. Hello all

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all I am happy to have found this site : ) I have a 1996 Honda Del Sol D16z6 and I love it. I want to build a D16Z6, or Y8 or a mix depending on how everything goes I want to have full built Engine and turbo around 15lbs of boost and I still want to be able to race but not only drag race...
  7. D16A6 Turbo Build Questions/Concerns (EF)

    New Member Introductions
    Vehicle: 1990 Civic SI -Skunk2 Megapower Exhaust -Stock Internals -260,xxx Miles -Not my DD but I enjoy driving it and will only put in storage over Winter(from Missouri, roads can get salty) -Other modifications irrelevant to this topic. Goal: 180whp -Would like to be capable of 200-210whp...
  8. d14 hybrid high CR

    Engine Building
    Hi D brotherhood the EDM have na civic ek 1.4 named as ej9 but basically it´s a ek chassis the car produces 90hp and loves to rev the engine code is D14a4 and uses p3y pistons wich are very dished like a vx(d16z6) pistons, however the head cilinder is the same as y7 I´m considering to change...
  9. dual carb build

    General Tech
    Hi all I proudly own a 4th gen civic hatchback with a solid and reliable D14a1 dual carb with 90hp: D14A1[edit] Found in: 1987–1991 Honda Civic GL and 1990 CRX (European market) October 1989 – 1994 Honda Concerto GL (European market) Displacement: 1,396*cc (85.2*cu*in) Bore and Stroke...
  10. Strange Leak: S-40 Trans "long Gear"

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, Alright so this issue has me stumped, 1996 civic EK, swapped to a 99 y7 / S40 Trans ( was factory Auto LX) When i bought the car, no trans leaks. So i did what i always did. oil change and trans fluid exchange. Ordered the Honda MTF on ebay. Drained the 2 quarts out, replaced with new...
  11. Nearly finished my small, stock D14 turbo, advice?

    Hi guys, nearly finished fitting my turbo set up on my d14a4 non VTEC Sohc (UK spec). Still waiting on a few parts to show up, totally new to all this, learning as i go, any advice is really appreicated. So far this is what I've got. Garrett T25 journal bearing turbo (welded waste gate port)...
  12. Civic SI D16a9 Oil Pressure

    Hello Everyone. I´m Axel From Argentina.. I have an Honda Civic SI 1993 with D16A9 ( japaniece version ) Please, can anyone tell me the values to check the oil pressure??. the car runs perfect but I will make all services with original parts including water pump. I afraid to replace the...
  13. Auto Jamboree

    Auto Jamboree took place on July 23rd, at Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology; it seems they have this event every year. From all the vehicles, I would like to introduce the classic ones I was able to spot. At the entrance I was welcomed by all the BRZ and AE86. Honda 145 Coupe (1974)...
  14. Now offering injector services Affiliates
    We wanted to extend this service out to d-series members , we're now offering injector services for $80 ( up to 6 injectors ) The service includes Flow testing Leakage test Spray pattern test ( certain rpm can be asked to be tested at ) Cleaning All test are performed in house and...
  15. New member, first Honda

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all. New to the forums, and new to Honda. Bought my first Civic a month ago and ready to see what i've been missing 99 dx. 162k on the body, 70 on the current y7 (came with) AEM short ram, Apexi exhaust, Spec D lower control arms, and what looks to be an ebay coilover set (drmotorsports...
  16. Help Please - 85 Crx Obd-0 To D15B Vtec Obd2a

    General Tech
    Hello Honda owners..... I have a question, and I think here is the place where you can help me....I have a 85 CRX Si, which came with a EW3 MPFI engine OBD-0- and I'm changing the engine for D15B VTEC OBD2a. I have all the engine harness OBD2a with the ecu. and I have the whole interior harness...
  17. I'm a noob and don't know exactly what I have!

    New Member Introductions
    Okay so I'll tell you guys the whole story... Back in January I bought a 1997 Honda Civic Dx off a man for $1500. Had 141,xxx on the motor, 5 speed, had cheap ass coilovers in it of which I ripped out (couldn't take the slamming) and a "custom" exhaust (more like cut the resonator off and...
  18. identify these wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Hey guys, I wonder if you could take a crack at identifying these wheels. I can't find an example of them anywhere. They say Enkei on the inside of them, but I think they're stock Honda wheels.
  19. Need help fast :(

    New Member Introductions
    I was driving down the highway when my motor lost compression then the check engine light came on. I slowed down nd my car started shaking violently nd the motor sounds like a fucking boxer motor. When i stoped at the stop light my car stalled nd wouldnt start back up untill i got home nd yet...
  20. Should I trade?

    New Member Introductions
    I have a red 1995 Honda Civic EX w/ D16Z6 Engine, clean with a few dents. Leather seats (cracks, 1 rip on each seat, but where the head rest is inserted) It has 191,000 miles on it but runs great. Trade for: 1987 CRX SI EW4/D15a3 engine: Here is his post; 1987 Honda Civic CRX SI OBO