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  1. General Tech
    Been looking for forums to see if a d15b7 head will work on a d15z1 block haven’t found much but looking to see if anyone’s can give me some new info tia!!!
  2. General Tech
    Hello, I just joined up here because I am noticing a rather knowledgeable array of Honda guys, however sadly am not finding so far the exact issue I am having. To start: I am rather noobish with Honda, coming from the Nismo world, so there might be a few mishaps I put in here that make me sound...
  3. Engine Building
    Hi All! Ever since I saw this vid last year YouTube - ‪Honda CRX Del Sol turbo vs Lamborghini‬‏ I've been wanting to do a rebuilt Del Sol. Plus adding in several other reasons (looking at the sheer enjoyment from those guys/ladies who built their ride). Researching and learning what for from...
  4. New Member Introductions
    i got the D16Y8 and the vtec solenoid wire doesnt match the oil sending unit which it plugs into... my question is what is the reason why? is it because its the wrong oil unit or wrong vtec solenoid? wrong wiring harness? wrong ecu? i've been searching for the answer to this all night and cant...
  5. New Member Introductions
    i know this is gonna make me sound stupid, but my question is how do i get my D16Y8 in my Del Sol reach my 200-300hp goal... what parts do i have to buy or what kinda stuff do i need to do this?
1-5 of 5 Results