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  1. Budget high comp d16 daily

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    I have just picked up two d16a6 blocks and a d16y8 head and am currently planning a high compression NA build This is my first time building an engine and would love all of your input Basically I want to run pump gas and was wondering what the highest possible compression I could run on 94...
  2. My ZC all motor results

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    So i recently tuned and i made: 115hp - 109tq (MOTOR) 180Hp - 179tq (37Jet/68shot NOS) and that was only the first and only pull on the nitrous, i seemed to have injector issues, connectors were moving a bit too much and i needed a relay on my Gas pump(340LPH KEMSO) My setup is : 64mm TB Stock...
  3. D16Y8 High Comp

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    Hey guys just looking into some better information and tips anyone has for building a High Compression D16Y8, I currently have one in my 2000 EL but I bought another engine and transmission off a friend for $100 (for good reason, it was shit inside) Cylinder 2 and 3 are both egg shaped at the...
  4. Y7 build help!!!

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    Whats up dseries! Im planning on taking my car off the road soon cus its burns oil like crazy! I would do a crazy turbo build and swap to a gsr but since i have to move next year i cant spend that kind of money. After learning bout the d series engines i woukd like to build a mild y7 all motor...