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  1. D16ZC Imported from Japan Motor Swap Questions

    General Tech
    Hello, I just recently swapped my 93 civic lx d15 motor and trans for a 97 D16zc with trans with 57k on both from HMO. We did everything right but discovered that 1 of the fuel injectors was bad so it wouldn’t start. A buddy of ours came over with some new injectors and she started right up...
  2. Does my D16y7 have aftermarket internals?

    General Tech
    I bought a 1996 EK sedan for $1200. I have mo papers for any work done on the motor. It's consistently had a misfire since I got it. New plugs, wires and dizzy. I figured it was an internal problem with the rings letting oil get into the combustion chamber or something. Also, I seem to lose...
  3. D15B2 swaped to D15B with Y7

    Engine Management
    I am in need of help. I am in the process of getting my Frankenstein car to run. First background: The car is a 89 civic DX that HAD a d15b2 in it. With DPFI. I have now thrown in a d15b (Non VTEC) with a Y7 Head into this. I have kept the same ECU, Wiring harness, DPFI intake, distributor, and...
  4. valves

    General Tech
    im wondering how to take out valve from a d16y8 i need to replace a couple bent valves i have please help thanks
  5. Fuel issues

    General Tech
    I just got another civic hatch on a trade with cash for my steet bike. It's having fuel issues throwing up code 16 fuel system w.e. I got some new injectors from the wreckers put em in and still the same (dual point fuel injection d15b2). It has brand new fuel pump already what else could cause...
  6. coil over plug swap for a d15b2

    New Member Introductions
    hi guys, so. yes im a n00b and i was hoping for some information from the pros. i would like to switch to a coil over plug setup on my 1991 civic dx d15b2, i would be using the AEM engine position module to replace the distributor. i would like to know: whats involved, has anybody tried this...
  7. distribuitor wiring problem help!!!!!

    General Tech
    Happy new year my friends. I got a problem with my distribuitor obd 0 in my 91 EF hatch (jdm duak carb d15b/d15z1 Vtec-e head, basically i take the engine out to do a clutch change, basic maintenance and wire tuck, i drop and stage 1 exedy clutch with a light flywheel, and later drop the engine...
  8. Turbo build Rough idle when warmed.

    Forced Induction
    Ok so here it goes: D16z6 Vitara pistons (75.5mm) eagle h beam rods Acl bearings eagle crank Rc 550 injectors stock fuel regulator XTD 8lb flywheel XTD 4 puck clutch GT3076 turbo on 10lbs Unorthodox racing light weight crank pulley cometic head gasket stock oil pump Stage 1 crower cam AEM...
  9. New to tuning, I have a general idea but would like help

    New Member Introductions
    I recently bought myself a 95 four door with a d16z6. Much of the car is stock from the previous owner (they just changed the rear suspension). I'm looking to make this car maybe double its horsepower at least. I saw on another post that I should change the exhaust first as a good starting...
  10. First Timer considering a D16Z6 Engine Rebuild

    Engine Building
    First, I'm a DSeries noob, and apologize if this is misplaced. I have a CRX Si with a D15B2 block. I blew a head gasket or the head was warped. I had the head leveled and rebuilt the head, but I managed to screw up the head studs threads on the block. I even managed to screw up a helicoil...
  11. im new to the d series

    Engine Building
    i recently got a 95 civic ex, it has a d16 in it. im not all sure what i can do with the single cam to make it alot faster other then a turbo system and supercharger, maybe the headers, but im not all to sure, i need advice, and help, haha, sucks to admit but rather have help and make it right...
  12. Just bought a 2000 civic si d16y8 175km WHAT SHOULD I DO with it??

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought a 2000 civic si d16y8 175km WHAT SHOULD I DO with it?? I was thinking of swapping it for something else? or turbocharging it. I'm new to Honda's so what should I DO??
  13. To D-Series experts... Need help here.

    General Tech
    D-Series Experts... I need help I have a P&P cylinder head with a head code of P2J-4 with a "97" stamp on the right. It has two (2) Vtec solenoids. One is wired red and the other yellow/green. It will be installed on a D16y8 block. Will it work properly (fast)? My ECU is P2M. Is my head a...
  14. What to do

    Forced Induction
    Hi people I'm looking to turbo a d series lump but stuck on to which one to boost so if u don't mind leave your answers an explain why you think it's the best engine to boost. Cheers
  15. HELP!!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi people yes I am a noob but not a total noob only to d series i am a b series an h series guy I know alot about both but when it comes to d series yes I am a noob right down to the point I currently have a h22 ek4 civic yes its quick but boring I would like to start working with a d series...
  16. Transmission and Clutch Help ZC

    Transmission alley
    Okay I have a quick question about my transmission and clutch that I purchased for it. I have the stock 4 speed transmission in my 90 Civic hatch with the Zc swap and I put a clutchmasters competition stage 4 clutch in the 4 speed transmission. If I buy a 89-91 Si Transmission will the clutch...
  17. I need a diagnosis!!!!! please!!!!

    Forced Induction
    I have a turbo d16 with a z6 head and a6 bottom end. well the other day i was driving and my car stalled. i just thought maybe it was my idle again because ive been fighting with erratic idle for a while now. well when i went to start it back up it wouldnt turn over. i listened to the fuel pump...
  18. Any advice helps

    Forced Induction
    i have a 95 civic ex with a d16z6 and its boosted...the turbo setup is home made the turbo is off a mits gst...i think that right lol...i have arp studs...stock running 12psi it runs fine when im getting on it sometimes lags from second to third...when i start the car i have to...