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  1. D15b2 stall.

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello, I have a stock civic eg '94 with d15b2 and lpg. When i start my car it takes long to really start, sometimes it stalls directly and sometimes I can drive all day. last week it stalled about 4 times in 40km. I also have a very low idle sometimes. thats why it stalls. my second problem is...
  2. Heater Core/Heater Valve questions

    General Tech
    I've been running into some problems on my build and lately it's been stacking as part of my new thread-a-day series I hope to clear some stuff up without causing too much :uh: from the veterans. First up, heater core. I DID search for a method and found that some channel locks on the...
  3. d15b2 still not getting heat

    Engine Building
    I have rebuilt my d15b2 and replaced everything i could that has to with the heat and the heat not working also i properly flushed the system. I have tried 2 different thermostats, new radiator, and new water pump. It feels like the upper hose is pretty hot and the bottom hose is cold. I also...
  4. Climate Control Issues...again.

    General Tech
    The purpose of this thread is more of a consensus and discussion of similar A/C problems than a query. I was driving through some heavy rain this morning, using my A/C to keep the windows from fogging. Out of the corner of my eye I see the A/C switch flickering. Suddenly there is a rather...