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  1. Stylish Projector Headlights with DRL light bars for 2012 - 2014 Civic!

    Finally you can dress up your Honda Civic with built-in DRL headlights! Such options were only available for premium sedans from Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc, but thanks to Spyder, one of the best Automotive lighting manufacturer in the industry, such headlights are available for your model! Check...
  2. EK4 SiR Headlight COVERS **RARE**

    For Sale
    Selling my Ek4 headlight covers/ protectors.. These are rare item!!!! if you happen to find them they go for over $300 The left cover has a crack on it and can be fixed easily if you know how... UPDATE: the left cover is in two pieces now "thanks to my nephew" :( ATTENTION: THESE WILL ONLY...