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  1. Blown Headgasket after timing belt

    General Tech
    Hi guys, I had a couple of oil leaks (main seal and oil pan) and a worn-out clutch. And I needed to change my belts so I removed the engine from the car, put it in the engine stand replaced the oil pump seal and rear main seal, replaced oil pan and valve cover gasket. Did the timing, replaced...
  2. Ignition Dwell (Neptune RTP)

    Engine Building
    Hoping someone could share some insight on how to alter this region productively when using Neptune RTP. The Help file is severely lacking in my opinion, and raises many questions, including the attitude of the author. Anyway.. I've attached a JPG with the window in question. "Ignition...
  3. injectors not spraying after headgasket replacement

    Engine Management
    hey guys i dont know if this is the right forum but i need help, my project/daily driver doesnt start after i did a head gasket replacement. car is a 91 honda concerto with a mini me swap( jdm vtec d15b head). car is still obd0. i hooked up all connectors and grounds and car would crank but no...
  4. NEW, UNUSED parts - AEM FPR, Headgasket, Turbo Oil Lines

    For Sale
    So I am selling off the last bits of my aftermarket D series parts. All items are BRAND NEW, NEVER INSTALLED. Prices INCLUDE USPS Priority Mail shipping. This is what I have left: AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator for D16Y8 or F22B1 or F22B2 fuel rails Paid $150, asking $110 Felpro MLS (Multi Layer...
  5. New head gasket engine wont start

    General Tech
    I just replace the head gasket on my d16y8 and installed some new ARP studs. Got it all put back together and tried to start it. Engine turns over but wont start. Im guessing its the timing belt causing the problem because i was stupid enough to forget to set the cam and crack and tdc before...
  6. Mini Me headgasket change interesting discovery

    Engine Management
    Its a mini me rebuilt overbored .5mm/.020in new oversized pm3s bearings rings and a z6 head stock p28 ecu. It recently started overheating so I began the process of elimination. My radiator was bad so I replaced it I also replaced the water pump and thermostat still no luck . When I took the...
  7. ZC won't fire any ideas?

    So i recently replaced the head gasket in my zc and now it will not start the plugs are sparking and it getting fuel it rolls over fine just sounds like its not firing need some help!
  8. 2-layer y8 hg or d17 hg help?

    Naturally Aspirated
    hey guys can anyone tell me what years the 2-layer y8 headgasket came in? or where i could buy one? id go with the d17a2 hg but it just doesnt look like it fits right with a d15/d16. going on a d15b vtec to boost comp, thanks
  9. Is my setup reliable ?

    Forced Induction
    hi, just bought a turbo 95 eg with a d15b7 ... the turbo is a t3/t4 and running on 9 psi, the injectors are 460 dsm black top (im noob so i just copy/paste) anyway, lots of power, lots of fun, on the dynosheet it runs 208whp and 189 lb/torque, the problem is that its all running on the stock...
  10. New (bad) MotorF*WK Low Compression Help?

    Naturally Aspirated
    the car 94 civic lx, 4dr 75xxx original miles, symtoms, POSitus Hey Guys, so my last motor went out on me due to a headgasket (d15b7), however when Changed it ran like crap. After lots of troubleshooting (long story short) just decided to swap the motor since they're easy as pie. Buy motor...