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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, Bit controversial I know but I'm wanting to fit a UEL manifold to my build, it's more of a sound/appearance build than a performance one. I'm completely stuck with trying to get some headers custom made for the D16 engine instead I can only get them for a B18. I've done some research...
  2. Engine Management
    A few questions on o2 sensors. 1. How does the obd1 honda control its fueling? oem, non chipped ecu (p06 i wanna say, don't quote me.) Is it reading the oxygen, then add/subtract from all cylinders equally? or does it cut two at a time? 2. Theres a header coming in with a bung on the...
  3. Engine Management
    Got a 97 Honda Civic EX, owners before me blew the block so its got a mini me swap now (Y7 Block Y8 Head), I'm wondering where the catalytic converter is located with this setup? Also looking to buy this DC Sports Exhaust system: SCS7020 DC Sports Exhaust Systems - Single Canister (Stainless...
  4. Engine Building
    hey i got a d15b non vtec with header straight piping and twin loop muffler and short ram intake i wanted to know how can i pass the smog check
  5. Engine Building
    i got a d15 non vtec but i want to improve performance but with other stock d serious engine need help or is it possible. i was thinking like intake manifold or exhaust manifold
  6. Naturally Aspirated
    Some guy around here is selling these, any one have any info on this brand? Sounds quite promising **BRAND NEW** Strup D-series Header** Also, it only has one 02 bung and the guy says that if you you have 2 o2s you keep the top one plugged in and tied up and the second one in the bung. He...
1-6 of 6 Results