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  1. Adapting a B18 manifold to a D16

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, Bit controversial I know but I'm wanting to fit a UEL manifold to my build, it's more of a sound/appearance build than a performance one. I'm completely stuck with trying to get some headers custom made for the D16 engine instead I can only get them for a B18. I've done some research...
  2. Oxygen questions

    Engine Management
    A few questions on o2 sensors. 1. How does the obd1 honda control its fueling? oem, non chipped ecu (p06 i wanna say, don't quote me.) Is it reading the oxygen, then add/subtract from all cylinders equally? or does it cut two at a time? 2. Theres a header coming in with a bung on the...
  3. Exhaust/Headers Questions

    Engine Management
    Got a 97 Honda Civic EX, owners before me blew the block so its got a mini me swap now (Y7 Block Y8 Head), I'm wondering where the catalytic converter is located with this setup? Also looking to buy this DC Sports Exhaust system: SCS7020 DC Sports Exhaust Systems - Single Canister (Stainless...
  4. d15b non vtec smog

    Engine Building
    hey i got a d15b non vtec with header straight piping and twin loop muffler and short ram intake i wanted to know how can i pass the smog check
  5. i got a d15 non vtec but i want to improve performance

    Engine Building
    i got a d15 non vtec but i want to improve performance but with other stock d serious engine need help or is it possible. i was thinking like intake manifold or exhaust manifold
  6. Strup headers, anyone ever heard of them?

    Naturally Aspirated
    Some guy around here is selling these, any one have any info on this brand? Sounds quite promising **BRAND NEW** Strup D-series Header** Also, it only has one 02 bung and the guy says that if you you have 2 o2s you keep the top one plugged in and tied up and the second one in the bung. He...