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  1. For Sale
    Because I'm going to make the step to turbo I want to sell my Hytech header. Here a some pictures when it was brand new: Unfortunatly there's a small dent in a anti-reversion header. We created 2 extra bungs. The original one is directly underneath the rear engine mount (how stupid)...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I've been a lurker on the forum for a good while now. I've got a 2000 EJ6 sedan and have a few seemingly noobish questions, hear me out. First and foremost: D16 headers. Upon close inspection online, both on forums and vendors, most D16 headers seem to be sorta universal. Is that...
  3. General Tech
    For starters i have a 95 del sol with a d16y8 swap in it. I recently got a new exhaust from the header back. My stock exhaust manifold had on 02 sensor threaded into the top part near the head where the 4 pipes come down. The kicker hear is it was never plugged in to anything. (it was threaded...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, have a few questions about replacing my exhaust manifold on my 96 ex, d16y8 engine. I removed the o2 sensor, heat shield, and the nine bolts attaching the manifold to the engine block. I'm stuck trying to remove the bolt on the side, any tips? It's so tight between the a/c stuff I...
  5. Showcase
    i am setting up my first car for a turbo. at the moment i have the stock d15b7 with a d16a6 cam i am going to put on a diy ported head that i did myself and arp headstuds. i am hoping for around 160-180hp on 6-8 psi i bough a used airesearch m27 turbo for 140 online. i looked it up and as far...
  6. Engine Management
    Hey everybody, I am going to be replacing my stock header on my D16z6 this week-end. I have an after-market one from DNA-performance. Any thing....tricks, tips, ect.. I should know before doing the swap? Thanks guys.
  7. General Tech
    If there is another thread dealing with this, please point me to it...I couldn't find one myself. I have a 96 civic hatch for which I bought an ebay header-back exhaust (my old exhaust rusted out and I needed one fast). My current set up is 4-2-1 header - downpipe has a 2" OD. It came with a...
  8. Naturally Aspirated
    The only one i can find online is the bosal axleback that looks stock but i wonder if it sounds stock to? Is there any other choices online or anywhere?
  9. Engine Building
    Hey fella's, first post. I've got an AUDM Civic EK1 CXi and was wondering if these megan headers from ebay would fit without modification? Can't seem to get a decent answer on aussie models. MEGAN RACING STAINLESS HEADER 2PC 88-00 CIVIC EX LX DX | eBay Cheers in advance.
  10. Engine Building
    alright so here it is my car has basically been turned to stock minus the cai and cat back exhaust and wack cheapo stage 1 clutch. My car sounds super ricey but not much bang behind it i'm pulling out the engine to paint the car and am wondering what to do on a budget any ideas the engine is at...
  11. General Tech
    will a 92-95 civic 1.5/1.6 header and down pipe bolt on to the 89 CRX CAT? is there a commercially available header that bolts in, no problems? or would i be wise to find someone with a welder? thanks for your help~!
  12. Naturally Aspirated
    Hows it going everyone? Just joined the forum. Been around cars a while, I've had my Civic for just over 4.5 years now. '98 DX Hatch. I bought it with 140k, sits at just over 263k now. I've been racing autocross with it the past few years. So far I've kept mods to the interior, brakes and...
  13. Engine Building
    1996 D16Y8, 4dr. Skunk2 performance intake manifold, Pacesetter header (budget) Very new to the aftermarket scene. I am a mechanic by hobby. Any and all help is appreciated!
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello im new here my name is alex im from the midwest. i currently own a 2000 honda accord se with a 2.3L ULEV engine. the car is completely stock. parents made me buy it, but im proud to be driving a honda. --on the side note i had a potentionally nooby question. since i have the ulev engine...
  15. For Sale
    Alright peeps as you know everything has to go. This stuff is for LOCAL San Diego pick up only. It's going on craigslist, but I gotta give my brothers on the d, first shot at it. CASH ONLY for PICK-UP. All parts are from D16Z6 that was going to be rebuilt, it's yours now. Also all Parts...
  16. Showcase
    So as a few of you know Ive had terrible exhaust issues. First I bought a "Custom Exhaust" from another guy with a coupe.....and it didnt work out. It has an ebay muffler, the hangers all broke, and had shatty welds. So I bought an Greddy Evo2. Told myself to buy quality. Wouldnt you guess, it...
1-16 of 17 Results