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  1. Engine Building
    This is the first time I'm doing a head gasket job on my D16Z6, so apologies in advance for any newb questions. I took off my head and took it to a local machine shop to check for flatness and resurface. Without taking a straightedge to it first, the machinist said that it's definitely warped...
  2. Engine Building
    are there any parts of the z6/y8 heads that aren’t interchangeable? cams (with matching gear of course), springs, valves, etc. ik some of this has been covered already but i’ve never found a definitive answer. thanks
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I have two d16z6 cylinderheads, at least that is what what i have been told. But i noticed one difference. One head has hole&canal and one hasn't. - here's link to images since i cant upload it myself. Last pic shows that canal. Can u recognize if these are d16z6 heads...
  4. Engine Building
    I have a 89' CRX SiR with an A6 and bent valves. Ive also got a y7 head setting in my garage. im curious weither i should use it and get a little more compression or get another a6 head. Is there any real performance gains with the y7 head? Which cam and cam gear do i use? Also will the a6 fuel...
  5. General Tech
    First off i didn't plan to have head be a z6 so basically up until now I've done my whole thinking it was a y8, i should of checked the stamp on the bad.. i didn't think of it until the dizzy didn't fit on P: my car is a 1996 civic dx so as of now heres what i have d16y7 block...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I need basically a step-by-step, start to finish of how to swap a y7 head for a z6 head. I have not a single clue on ho to do so. If anyone can help, or at least try to, that would be great.
  7. For Sale
    Head: D16Y8 Cleaned, checked, 3 angle valve job Supertech Valve Springs Supertech Titanium Retainers Bisimoto/Web Level 2.4 Cam (Rated for up to a 80HP Gain over stock!) - almost $500 by itself after shipping! All new manifold studs and nuts ARP head studs Blue valve cover Block: D16Z6 Cleaned...
  8. General Tech
    So I have a Sohc Zc head (non-vtec) that is in prime condidtion, just not sure what's a fair price to list it at.
  9. Engine Building
    hey guys i am new to the d series forum, but i am no noob to d engines.... i picked up a "newish" head off of ebay. guy is doing a swap and parting out his z6 i picked up his "rebuilt 10,000 miles ago head" , dizzy and wires for only 140 bucks he says no smoke, no oil consumption or problems for...
  10. General Tech
    so i replaced the head unit in an 89 honda. its got power from red (12.0V) and yellow (1.5V) and continuity to ground (black). but the head unit does not show any signs of life. no lights, wont take a CD. i'm pretty sure its defective its a Sony but crap happens.
  11. Engine Building
    I'm fairly new to the Honda game and I'm working on my boosted ZC right now I plan on doing the mini swap and putting in a Vtec head. I'm already running a p28 so that's not a problem, before I put in the head I'm going to give it all the bells and whistles, no cost spared the only problem is, I...
  12. Engine Building
    I'm in the middle of building a fj custom rods and vitara z6. My goal is for 350 to 400hp. I'm wondering is it worth the extra 100 and 6 bucks a guide to install the new guides or are the stock valve guides good enough to take the heat of my hp goals. Also the motor I'm rebuilding was from an...
  13. New Member Introductions
    So I was pulling a d16 and noticed a hole in top of the oil pan. I thought, no big deal at least the Rod didn't go through the block. As I pulled off A/C condenser I noticed a hole in the Block. I am planning on buying a block that's been bored .5 over. When I install old head onto machine...
  14. Engine Building
    I have a non vtec distributor that I want to use on my vtec head, I know its possible to convert them.. something about 8 wire harness?? Idk. Can someone let me know if this is in fact possible and if so... How??
  15. Engine Building
    Just bought a head for my sohc Zc. The casting says p08-1 9/3 and I cant find any information on this casting. All I know is that it came off of an EG and its vtec. Bought it with a p28 ecu. Can someone please help me identify my head.
  16. New Member Introductions
    Just figured id get everyones opinion on the topic of whether to port and polish a head or just make everything smooth being a noob to pnp work? R the gains noticable by just making the ports smooth? Is it easy to mess up the flow when being a noob to pnp work? Is it beneficial to just open...
  17. For Sale
    Contact information 409-466-3134 text or PM's Location Beaumont, Tx ----------------------------------------------------- ALL parts are OBO D16z6 block w/mains - no pistons/rods/crank - SOLD D16z6 block - rusted sleeves, will part out anything you need off of it - $40 block no crank /...
  18. New Member Introductions
    I have a 95 Civic Sedan with a D15B7. I have had some overheating problems and have concluded that it is the head gasket causing it. (exhaust in the radiator, disappearing coolant) So I tore it down over the weekend and sure enough, the head gasket was in bad shape, and looked to be leaking into...
1-20 of 34 Results