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head swap

  1. How to vtech a non vtech d15b1.

    Engine Building
    alright i am a new honda owner. what parts do i need and how do i swap it. or is it easyer to go to a pick n pull and fiind a zc vtech? if thats recomended what transmission do i need? id prefer it to be standard.
  2. A6 with Y7 head questions

    Engine Building
    I have a 89' CRX SiR with an A6 and bent valves. Ive also got a y7 head setting in my garage. im curious weither i should use it and get a little more compression or get another a6 head. Is there any real performance gains with the y7 head? Which cam and cam gear do i use? Also will the a6 fuel...
  3. D16z6 head on a D15b block??? Suggestions?

    Engine Building
    I have a D15b motor in my Ej1 and I have a complete z6 head. Wanted to hear some suggestions on swapping the heads. Wanted to know if it would be worth the time and if it would do anything to gain a little power. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks.
  4. z6 block/y8 head

    Engine Building
    hey guys need a lil help iv got d16z6 and im puitning a y8 head on it if i can get some help many thanks i want to know what i need to set my timing to and what probs im goin to run into and i know that some head bolts r diff and the timing is diff iv got a aftter markit timing gear if someone...
  5. i need help.

    New Member Introductions
    hey ive asked my stupid questions here before and people seem to not mind answering them.. so here i go.. i messed up bad.. i have a 98 civic hx coupe. and i thought that a mini me ahd been done to it. cuz it has an ex transmission. so i took the valve cover off to see if i had vtec or vtec-e...
  6. D15b1 with y8 Head?

    Engine Building
    Im new here but i wanted to know if its possible and what all is involved in puttin a d16y8 head on a d15b1. The d15 was a replacement for my blown up y8 and was desperate. I like my lil d15 and it is built i just want it to be Vtec any help would be great thanx.
  7. HELP! need some quick info before i take action

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody! I have a 95 si and while driving it the other day I heard a PING! And then the car cut off. I thought it was the timing belt so I coasted off the road and pulled the cover and the belt was still intact. I tried to start it once and it sounded like there was no compression. So I...
  8. d15b1 want to change head

    General Tech
    i have a 90 hatch bought it with a blown head gasket and since i have to take it off anyway i was wondering if i could use a different head possibly DOHC any help is appreciated
  9. y8 cylinder head questions.

    New Member Introductions
    my car is a 98 civic hx.. the head code is p2j-3. and on the right the year is 98. now if you google it it will tell you that code is a y8 head but it says it will have 98 as the year. now i have been assured that this is a y8 head. but im not so sure.. because the engine block is a d16y5 and i...