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  1. Engine Building
    head bolts, mini me, im attaching my freshly Rebuilt d16a6 to my y8 vtec head. Im lost figuring Which head bolt/head stud kit to use. Ive heard you Use z6 all around and 1 y8 bolt in the corner near Your vtec, you get these from the lighting motor sports Mix-n-match kit? Any links? I dont want...
  2. Engine Management
    My buddy has a d15b block with a blown head. I have my old Zc head chillin in my garage... Question is.. I know 1.5 head will fit on a 1.6 block, but will a 1.6 head fit on a 1.5 block?? When we tried marrying them, the first top left headbolt didn't fit. Sound familiar??
1-2 of 2 Results