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  1. Wanting to know D16B5 block and JDM ZC head compatibilty

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello all, new user here. I currently have a 91 DX hatch with a JDM ZC long block which lasted me about 7 years until I cracked the oil pan a few months ago. It's impossible to find any low mileage long blocks where I live in Dallas metroplex and online these once $300 to 400 engines have...
  2. Looking at buying a 1992 EG Hatch

    General Tech
    Hello D-Series community. I am an owner of a VQ powered G35, and am currently looking to distance myself from the world of Nissan's terrible unreliability. I am currently looking at a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback, and want to know if the car is worth considering. The current owner of the car told...
  3. Noob With a Crazy Build

    New Member Introductions
    Noob incoming, whats up Wanted to introduce myself and bring to light my current project, I have always been a crazy guy interested in throwing together things that make people sit back and think "WTF were you thinking?". I have been working on my 1989 DX Hatch for well over a...
  4. type of starter????

    New Member Introductions
    So i bought a D15B7 motor with a 5spd manual transmission but... The motor didnt come with a starter :(. Ive serched online for starters nd came up with 2 types... Nippondenso nd mitsuba. What one do i buy? The motor came out of a 95 civic dx. My old motor was an automatic nd the mounting holes...
  5. Need help fast :(

    New Member Introductions
    I was driving down the highway when my motor lost compression then the check engine light came on. I slowed down nd my car started shaking violently nd the motor sounds like a fucking boxer motor. When i stoped at the stop light my car stalled nd wouldnt start back up untill i got home nd yet...
  6. d16y7 to d16y8 swap

    Engine Management
    Hey guys i am new here and was wanting to gather information on how i can do a d16y8 swap into my 1999 Honda Civic Hatch. I hope that i am not repeating another thread but i was wanting to get's opinion and thoughts on this swap and how much i should budget? tine itll take? etc...
  7. boosted d16z6

    Forced Induction
    sup guys just got myself my first boosted honda! thumbs up! well few questions. First my speedo jumps around drastically when i start boosting? Its no bid deal just wondering why my Blow off valve only works when in gear/ does that mean my turbo on spools when in gear? why does this not work in...
  8. d16z6 trans leak!

    Transmission alley
    whats up guys new to the forum here!, So i just got myself a 95 cx hatch boosted,injectors fuel pump, kind of a just slap together job but i plan on loving her and fixing her up, right now i am having trouble with my tranny, its leaking oil every where i park! i havent gotten the chance to...
  9. D16y5 need tranny

    Transmission alley
    I am switching from a 4 speed to a 5 speed transmission and need to know a couple things about them. Will my old axles fit this new transmission and if I have to get different axles will they fit my hub for the wheels? (dseries to d series) can I use the same ecu since I will be changing from...
  10. **bouncy AF**

    Suspension Corner
    So I have an 89 Honda civic. Buddyclub coilovers. So I "Maxed" out all lowering perches. Pretty much "slamming" it. Now my ride is super bouncy. Anyway to maintain the ride height but without the bounce??
  11. **Rear disk conversion**

    General Tech
    Noob question. So I need complete rear arm, booster, and 40/40 proportion valve. Do they all have to be from the same make model to work? I got a brake booster that I got from a do or car at the yard that already had the conversion done, the complete rear arms from a friend that previously had...
  12. Hello Honda community

    New Member Introductions
    Help needed! so why do you guys treat someone with little honda knowledge like shit? its not my fault i grew up on muscle cars. gotta learn somewheres.
  13. Trying to get my STD EF on the ground "/

    Suspension Corner
    ive been researching and the more i research, it seems the more time i spend staying in the same spot hahaha. 88-91 Hondas seem to be the hardest year and models of hondas to get them to sit on the ground with a Full Coilover set that is. So now i ask for someones help. "Woody's 1988 STD...
  14. My 92 Civic Hatch

    Engine Building
    Hey guys ima noob but i like my civic and i want it faster so heres what i have on it so far i hot an engine out of a 98 ex d16 y8 the engine is still using the stock 92 ecu(does it need to be chipped?) it has been rebuilt with aftermarket fuel rails, fuel lines, fuel pressure guage it has a...
  15. So i have a spare D16 head ...

    Engine Building
    So i have a spare D15B2 head ... the head of my 89 Honda Civic Hatchback, 1.5L DPFI blew a valve on the Exhaust side. so i just took the whole thing off and replaced it with another used one. i want to learn to rebuild it but ... i want to make it better. maybe get a little more compression...
  16. Function and Form

    Suspension Corner
    does anyone know how low Function and Form 2.5s will get my 89 Civic Hatch? or how good they are period, for any car that is
  17. chromal - intro, 6th gen hatch, d16y7

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, just though I'd say hello, toss up a few pics and what I'm up to. Seems to be a lot of good info here. I've got a '98 5MT Civic CX hatchback, bought in Dec'01 used with 92K. It was my DD until Aug'10 (got a Mazda3 MT hatchback), now my second car and I can more easily work on it now...
  18. 89 Civic Hatchback Fog Lights

    General Tech
    i have an 89 Civic Hatchback i'm a clean, stock, simple and done right type of person i don't want something "cheezed" but i would like to have the ablility to use fog lights. tho i also want to keep the stock look of the 88-91 series hatchbacks any ideas. i want to stay as far away from...
  19. WTB: 93 - 95 Civic HB

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a 93 - 95 Civic HB. Must be clean, have low miles, have a clean title, and be in Oregon/Washington only.
  20. Overheating blowing out of overflowplus sputter

    General Tech
    just purchased a 1998 hb 1.6 dy7 na only mods are full headers and exhaust and cai car has 150,000 miles and just started to over heat did a complete flush of cooling system checked thermostat and temp sensor both are new also bought new rad cap. cooling fan does work hard wired it to batt just...