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  1. Engine harness with OBD1 ecu plugs

    For Sale
    This harness was made to assume you have a 1996-98 civic chassis, and wanted to run a d16Y8 manual with an OBD1 ecu This harness was made by 2jzdreamin, here on the forums, 4-5 years ago for me. This comes with replaced plugs, wrapped wiring, a charge harness, and even tucks the driver side...
  2. USDM ECU in JDM Engine...Can you do this?

    General Tech
    Hello guys Could you run a usdm ecu with a jdm engine? The ecu is going to be chipped with a hondata s300. But I havent been able to find some clear answers online, so id love to know if this is possible. Since finding a compatible jdm ecu is a pain in the ass. And if it is doable does the...
  3. D16Y5 questions. I will not give up.

    Engine Management
    Hello I have done a ton of research but not enough to really answer one burning question of mine. I hope I get my answer but maybe this will just be one more thread about "swap out the y5 for a y8" etc. I am very familiar with VTEC-E, lean-burn, etc. I m hoping people of great...
  4. 99 civic ex abs removal gone wrong?

    Engine Management
    hi i recently deleted my abs and did something really stupid, i cut the wires where they come into the bay, and took them out of the pinout of the abs harness... since then my car has done this. and i cant figure it out. im flippin...
  5. Engine Harness Article

    Motorsports ECU Wiring Harness Construction
  6. need help on buying correct stereo wiring harness for crx?

    when theives stole my head unit, they cut the wire harness plug off, so its just a wire loom with all the multi-colored wires in it, all cut at the end, with no plug at the end of it, i read that i need to buy a "reverse wiring harness adapter" ?, that you attach to the cut harness...
  7. wireing harness help

    General Tech
    i just swaped 00 civic d16y7 auto to a 98 d16y8 manual whitch one of the 2 wireing harnness should i use im tryin to use the 98 and the 98 ecu for vetech but when i turn the key the fuel pump is not pressurizing please help maby somone knows how to repin the harness i have to work with the dash...
  8. new b7 head gasket, car wont start, no spark fuel pump

    Naturally Aspirated
    me and my buddy just put a new head gasket on his 93dx, we took the head, IM, and harness. when we re assembled it and plugged it all up there is no spark? also when the key is turned on all you hear is the cooling fan kick on and back off but no fuel pump???? any help would be great i have...
  9. d16z6 first build any advice would help

    Engine Building
    So heres what i got. 91 civic si hb, D16z6 head port and polished,d16y7 block, im thinking of ging with eagle rods and vitara pistons, boosting maybe 15 psi. never ran a turbo before are ebay turbos ay good? b18 tb port matched, with aem cold air intake, z6 IM, aem fuel rail, 255 walboro...
  10. I have a 96 lx with a z6 swap

    New Member Introductions
    I converted my y7 harness to obd1 changing the injector plugs n made a jumper for the vtec dizzy but I have a few open sensor spots open on the back of the intake any help would be appreciated.
  11. floor harness questions

    are all 92-95 ex/si honda floor narness's the same? are they compatible? the reason why im asking is we got a 92 DX civic with 95 EX doors but none of the wiring is hooked up.. so would a prelude ex/si 92-96 floor harness work?
  12. WTB iacv plug (2 wire)

    Want to Buy
    doing an auto-manual conversion on my 96 civic so i need to switch the 3-wire auto iacv plug off the harness for a 2-wire 5spd iacv plug. it has to fit the iacv for a y8 manifold. ive looked in all local (and even some non-local) salvage yards but everyone seems to be cutting harnesses off...