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  1. To Beat a B!

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello all who are reading! I went to the track with one of my friends the other day. He has an EJ8 coupe, EX, with a B18B1, GSR transmission, aftermarket clutch, short shifter, I/H/E, and way better tires than I have. I have an EJ6 coupe, DX, with a D16Y7. The only mods are Y8 intake and exhaust...
  2. New member, need help with gsr motor mount in ek =/

    General Tech
    Hey guys I was referred by Koots from another forum, he said this was the place to be for good civic info. So I bought my ek recently and it already has a jdm b18c with a type r head, but I guess they didnt use the correct motor mounts because the driver side one broke... did some googleing and...
  3. mini me swap reliable?

    Engine Building
    D15B7 BLOCK mated with D15B VTEC HEAD? IVE GOOGLED IT ALREADY AND FOUND NOTHING! I DRIVE OVER 4000 MILES A MONTH WILL IT LAST? Do i buy the Water pump for a b7 or what? along with oil pump? thank you for the help.. dont be a azz and tell me to try a search ive been searching for weeks and dont...
  4. Teggy gs-r brakes all the way around check this out! Help

    Suspension Corner
    Ok I have. 94 dx hatch with disc all the way around. I recently bought front pads for it and it ended up needing pads for a gsr. I ordered them for a 98 gsr 2dr an that went well and I am having no problems. Anyways on to my questions. I read up on the rear disk set up and I believe my hatch...
  5. Gsr Muffler into civic coupe eg

    General Tech
    Hi, I am getting annoyed of my loud flowmasters in my civic. Im getting a lot of attention from the cops, i almost got a ref ticket couple weeks back. So i got a gsr muffler. I want to know if it will bolt RIGHT up into my coupe? or do i have to modify some things
  6. Just Married/Moved selling stuff sale!!

    For Sale
    HI all!! It's been some time since I bounce into the forum. I got married, and now I had to move my stash of D-series parts so there up for grabs! Prices are shipped or local pickup. Check my stats I've been a member for years and never had a dissatisfied customer! To keep the thread nice and...
  7. Anyone Need A BNIB Clutch and Flywheel???

    For Sale
    My name is Kyle, I need to get this money up for school .. soo BUY!! .. three ways to reach me .. PM or respond on here, email me at [email protected] or you can text me at 4848217606. Located in Eastern PA... All prices obo.. 1996 GSR Front Brake Assembly .. Self Explanatory with these...