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  1. Another AEM Cam Gear Fail

    Product Reviews
    Caught it just in time!!! Z6 Block with Y8 head, the Stock Y8 Cam gear can be used right?
  2. AEM TruTime 5 Bolt adjustable cam gear... BROKEN.

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    Hello everyone, I'm a n00b to the forum. I was never really into this kind of stuff until I realized how much information there is to offer from a site like this. So, I'm glad to finally be a part of it all. lol Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. I just recently had a VERY similar predicament as...
  3. wont go into gear when engine is running

    Transmission alley
    this is a 89 crx 1.5 l the transmission will not go into gear well the engine is running but will with the motor off. (like the clutch wont release). tried adjusting the clutch cable, that did nothing. so i pulled the engine expecting to find something blocking the throw-out bearing or pressure...
  4. Y8 transmission problems

    Transmission alley
    I have a 97 sedan with the stock y7 and I recently swapped the transmission to the y8 "B000" trans. After driving it for just a few minutes, 2nd gear has been popping out pretty consistantly. There is also a slight grinding when I am accelerating or engine braking in any gear. All of the gears...
  5. issue with first gear.

    Transmission alley
    once in a while when rolling up to a stop (or at a stop) with the clutch to the floor and braking, i have a hard time getting it to go into first gear. Im not sure if there is a lock out to stop you from going into first when rolling forward, it seems to do it more frequently if the motor is...
  6. MFactory close gear set giveaway

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    Sale has ended. Stay tuned for the winner. Who: members that registered before 8-26-09 at 11:59PM EST. Open to members who have joined after that date who have posted something useful. What: MFactory D series Close gear set When: Ends 9-30-09 at 11:59PM EST. Drawing will...
  7. Transmission Trouble

    Transmission alley
    I am having a little trouble with my transmission, mainly popping out of 3rd gear. I know I can feel the motor bounce around like I might need a mount. It only does it every once and a while and its only right when I put it in 3rd. Once I let off the clutch its fine. Every now and again it will...
  8. Free MFactory 3.083 first gear

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    Special has ended. This special will end on 9-13-09 at 11:59 PM EST. Only open to members who joined before 8-13-09 Free MFactory 3.083 first gear when you purchase the following from Whoopee Doo Racing: MFactory LSD (40mm) MFactory differential bearings MFactory final drive...
  9. FS: zc 4th gear

    For Sale
    got this from bense on h-t. 1.033 oem gear made to fit hydro transmissions. check it out...